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GoDaddy adds Apple Pay support for its customers’ mobile sites

GoDaddy is bringing Apple Pay to its Online Store platform, letting Web site owners who use its platform to accept mobile payments and increasing mobile sales.

The integration is a part of GoDaddy’s larger strategy to target mobile users. Anyone who uses GoDaddy to power their online store will now be able to accept mobile payments through Apple Pay.

“More and more online commerce in the U.S. now happens on mobile devices, and Apple Pay is a rapidly growing portion of those purchases,” said Cristina Cordova, Head of Business Development at Stripe. “We’ve already seen other major platforms significantly increase their conversion rates by enabling Apple Pay, and we’re excited to extend this to GoDaddy users around the world.”

While mobile has safely eclipsed desktop as the preferred digital choice for many consumers, it has not quite overtaken desktop in terms of shopping transactions.

But with the popularity of mobile, many brands are trying to change this. To do so, they’re relying on new innovations like the rising popularity of mobile payments to make the mobile shopping process as easy as possible.

As mobile shopping continues to grow in popularity, smaller business owners need a way to compete with big brands who can afford their own mobile infrastructure.

GoDaddy is seeking to remedy this problem by introducing the use of Apple Pay for any site owner who uses its store platform.

Now any small business owner who owns a GoDaddy site can integrate mobile payments into it, targeting mobile users and gaining extra sales from those transactions.

GoDaddy is committed to serving mobile site owners and consumers, after data showed the company that 60 percent of all its sites’ traffic comes from mobile.

Since internally testing Apple Pay integration a few months ago, GoDaddy saw a 78 percent increase in sales.

Mobile payments
Putting the power of mobile payments in the hands of small businesses is a vital move for an industry to be more egalitarian and offer more opportunities fro smaller companies to compete with larger ones.

It is much more difficult for small businesses to have a mobile infrastructure as robust or user-friendly as a larger business. While there are a wide variety of tools for companies to make their own Web sites, few of them focus specifically on mobile.

This trend may turn though, as mobile continuously rises in popularity and eclipses other forms of Web browsing.

Apple Pay is also always looking for new ways to reach its audience. It has mainly been doing so through partnerships with big brands such as Lululemon (see story).

But Apple Pay is happy to accept more users if it comes from GoDaddy’s integration of the payment service into its sites. In that sense, it is a win-win-win situation for Apple, GoDaddy and the consumers.

“Mobile shopping is driving e-commerce activity. Simplifying the consumer purchase experience with things like Apple Pay is a big advantage for small businesses,” said Greg Goldfarb, VP of Commerce and Email Marketing at GoDaddy. “We’ve removed friction for buyers so they can just tap to pay and provided businesses with easier ways to reach customers with compelling content.”