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FastMall app aims to enhance shopping mall experience

FastMall is helping consumers get the most out of their shopping experience with directions, GPS parking, directories and special offers being served within the new application.

The application will soon feature a custom advertising platform that lets any retailer or mall post deals, coupons, discounts and sales.

“FastMall was designed to enhance shoppers’ mall-shopping experience on all levels – savings, eating, locating stores and restrooms,” said Sam Feuer, president/CEO of MindSmack, New York. “The idea is that iPhone users will no longer be dependent on the static mall directory maps or information booths.”

The application was developed by MindSmack, a design and development agency specializing in mobile.

Savvy shopping
In addition to providing shoppers with interactive and customizable maps, FastMall has a community feature where consumers can send MindSmack data such as store changes and restroom locations.

The application also uses GPS and audio recording for locating vehicles in a mall parking lot.

Consumers can add stores as favorites and receive data and deals from that specific store. This new feature was designed to help FastMall users save money, get exclusive deals and be part of a community that enjoys similar products and services.

The application lets retailers do a full-page screen takeover ad and tracks all data and clicks to send user behavioral data back to them.
FastMall lets users customize their experience with turn-by-turn directions inside a mall.

With the application, consumers can select the fastest route to their desired location. For parents with a stroller, application users can select a route using escalators or elevators only. This is also a benefit for individuals with any type of walking disability.

Going on the go
Tapping the toilet icon on the bottom left of the map or shaking the iPhone shows where the nearest restrooms are located on the mall directory virtual map.

The Find Food button displays all available dining options.

FastMall uses GPS to pinpoint the consumer’s current location and then finds the nearest malls.

Once users select their favorite shopping mall, FastMall’s virtual maps lead the way with interactive functionality and graphics.

Because signal strength can be an issue inside malls, FastMall was developed to work offline by downloading the map to the mobile phone as long as the user remains logged in.

Consumers can also use FastMall to post store, restaurant and restroom reviews.

The application also includes full integration with Facebook and Twitter.

FastMall currently has more than 30,000 unique stores and more than 250,000 stores overall.

Interactive maps that include the option to shake your iPhone for the nearest restroom range from $0.99 for smaller malls to $2.99 for the largest malls.

“This unique advertising platform let’s retailers target their niche market effortlessly and receive quantifiable results,” Mr. Feuer said.