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Fandango brings movie purchasing to the living room with SmartCast integration

Fandango’s streaming service, FandangoNOW, is getting a boost in visibility through integration with Vizio’s SmartCast mobile application, letting users rent or buy movies through their phones and stream them directly to their TVs.

The integration comes as a variety of other streaming services such as Netflix continue to dominate the movie- and TV-watching landscape. Fandango is hoping to capture some of that audience in a mobile way through its partnership with Vizio.

Vizio has been leading the charge when it comes to the integration of smartphones and television with its flagship SmartCast app. With this mobile app, users can control their TV, using the phone as a remote, and stream videos and movies with the Cast option.

To Cast, users pull up a video from either the SmartCast app or from a compatible app, such as the Netflix or HBO Go mobile apps, and select cast, marked by a screen-shaped symbol, to send the image from their phones to their Vizio TV.

Fandango, known primarily for its show times and movie ticket-purchasing app, has also been dabbling in streaming, a realm currently dominated by big names with original content such as Netflix and HBO. Its FandangoNOW app lets users search for new movie releases as well as TV shows to rent or buy.

Now, rather than just watching through the app on a mobile device, users can now use FandangoNOW through SmartCast, allowing them to rent or purchase a movie or TV show and then use their mobile device to stream their purchase to their Vizio TV.

While users can Cast programs from the FandangoNOW app, the integration with Vizio means that all of Fandango’s content can be searched and streamed through the Vizio SmartCast app, meaning that users do not have to search through a large variety of third-party apps and can find all of the movies and TV from all of Vizio’s partnering streaming services in one place.

Living room theater
Until now, Fandango has focused mainly on the movie experience outside the home, whether that means when consumers are at the theater or when they are on their way.

Fandango has previously partnered with ArcLight Cinemas, a theater chain, to make the physical theater experience more mobile-friendly with mobile ticketing and events held at the cinema (see story).

And outside of the theater, Fandango helps users earn rewards for purchasing tickets by letting them scan their receipt or by purchasing the tickets through the app (see story).

Now Fandango is bringing their mobile movie experience into consumer’s living rooms by letting them purchase and stream new release movies and TV straight into their living rooms.