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Energizer sees 400pc lift in purchase intent through in-store beacons

Energizer elicited 411,641 in-store engagements through a beacon-powered campaign that served nearby shoppers, who were leveraging various shopping applications such as ListEase and Ziplist, an in-depth look at its EcoAdvanced batteries.

The battery brand leveraged in-store beacons to get the word out for its new product by sending push notifications in shopping assistance apps ListEase and Ziplist, targeting consumers during the most effective time during their customer journey. Through various checkpoints within store locations, users were prompted to go down Energizer’s aisle to check out the product.

“Mobile in-store enables brands like Energizer to speak to consumers very close to the bottom of the purchase funnel, which has a major impact on driving sales,” said Kevin Hunter, president of inMarket, the developer behind the beacons of the campaign. “Particularly for CPGs, and in the cluttered, competitive store environment, engaging shoppers via in-store mobile moments is extremely valuable.

“Energizer engaged over 410,000 shoppers in-store, via mobile, generating a 3.8x increase in purchase intent for their Eco-Advance product,” he said.

Energizing mobile strategies
Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries got a leg up in purchase intent at bricks-and-mortar locations through the use of beacons, which allowed it to really drive home its eco-friendly capability in the eyes of consumers. When users of ListEase and Ziplist entered beacon-enabled locations, they were served push notifications with campaign content.

Users could scan the batteries’ packaging or follow the push notifications to engage with content surrounding the campaign. Energizer served users with videos and content explaining how the EcoAdvanced battery is helping the environment and provides a stronger battery life.

The campaign combined an innovative product with an innovative marketing tactic to really stick out to consumers. While the campaign does not include any coupon integration, the go-to strategy for marketers and beacons, it taps into relevant product information and video to drive sales.

Beaconing beacons
Similarly, Rita’s Italian Ice rolled out an enhanced application that leverages beacon technology, social network sharing and rewards customized to users’ preferences, showcasing how food and beverage marketers must evolve their mobile offerings to keep loyalty at the forefront (see more).

Mobile loyalty programs will likely hit 3 billion rewards cards by 2020, with beacons leading the charge in redemption effectiveness, according to a report from Juniper Research (see more).

“We are driving real-world sales in stores without relying on coupons,” Mr. Hunter said. “We want to clarify for the entire industry: beacons do not mean coupons.

“Relevant product info in this case, about the world’s first recycled battery, can drive sales for brands.”