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EBay updates app with browse and comparison, new security features

EBay, one of the oldest online retailers, is fully embracing its status as a mobile retailer as well with a newly updated application that offers expanded browsing and comparing options.

The online bidding site’s new app makes it easier for consumers to browse and find the items they are looking for plus an additional layer of security will keep consumers’ information safe from potential threats. The powered up search function will come courtesy of a structured data initiative.

“Structured data is part of an ambitious, multi-year evolution of our shopping platform at eBay that aims to deliver relevant, persistent and personalized experiences for consumers,” said Steve Fisher, CTO of eBay.

Browsing updated
EBay, as one of the largest repositories of online listings, both from consumer to consumers and business to consumer, sees an incredibly large number of products passing through its system every day.

Estimates out the number of products available for purchase through eBay at around a billion at any given time. With that level of inventory, it can be incredibly difficult for consumers to find what they are looking for; especially using the somewhat outdated tools of standard keyword-based search engines.

To combat this, eBay is making use of structured data to help consumers find what they are looking for. The structured data campaign will see eBay using a combination of machine learning, intent analysis and data insights to make the app’s search function much smarter and easier to search on.

Additionally, consumers will be able to compare the items they find with others on eBay, something that was made difficult previously due to the app’s UI.

Safe and secure
This holiday season, more Black Friday shoppers than ever before will be using mobile as an integral part of the shopping experience, using their devices to search online, track deals, compare prices and get exclusive peeks at what deals will be on sale (see story).

EBay is making the smart move of strengthening the incentives for consumers to use its mobile app as they head into the biggest shopping season of the year.

The app will make use of some of eBay’s internal machine learning capabilities to show users personalized recommendations on the home page. This will incentivize users to look at eBay for more than just specific products they know they want, but to also use it as a tool for general browsing, encouraging impulse purchases and making finding gift ideas easier.

“With the holiday season upon us, shoppers are on the go and need to be able to find the gifts they want quickly and easily, while also getting a great deal,” said Mohan Patt, VP of shopping experience at eBay. “With our new eBay app, shoppers can easily navigate our vast inventory and discover great deals and best selling products that match their interests.

“The new product pages offers a powerful comparison shopping experience highlighting multiple choices, product reviews and content, which will certainly help shoppers find that perfect gift.”