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EBay targets post-holiday shoppers with updated apps

The company has launched iPhone 2.7 and iPad 2.2 updates that integrate the best of mobile and tablet devices – such as cameras, editing and easy uploading. Users can switch between mobile and PC when creating a listing, as well as save drafts and photos.

“EBay’s updated apps for iPhone and iPad are perfectly timed for January – post-holiday when people want to start fresh and sell items they no longer need,” said Kevin Hurst, vice president of mobile products at eBay.

Streamlined shopping
Through the updated apps, eBay sellers can upload pictures using their mobile device and then complete the process from their PCs, which allows them to write longer item descriptions from a keyboard.

Furthermore, consumers can also start a listing on a desktop device and finish it via mobile.

This allows a more streamlined experience for users.

The app now also features category, pricing and shipping guidance, as well as the ability to work on multiple listings.

Additionally, eBay buyers will gain access to an improved auto-complete search feature and a shorter checkout experience.

The updated apps also let users without associated PayPal accounts make purchases via the app with a new guest checkout feature.

Moreover, there is also a new single-screen view to review and confirm payments.

“We’ve streamlined the mobile selling experience to give consumers step-by-step suggestions for pricing and shipping, and we’ve loaded the updates with new features that let customers seamlessly switch between mobile and PC – to more quickly and easily upload photos and edit listings,” Mr. Hurst said.

“With eBay’s app updates, selling has never been simpler,” he said.

Keep updating
It is key for marketers to continually update their mobile apps.

And, by streamlining the entire process, eBay is making it easier for its customers to buy and sell on mobile.

“Mobile is a fundamental part of people’s lives, and at eBay we believe the best experiences eliminate friction and enable real benefits,” Mr. Hurst said. “EBay Mobile’s app updates for iPhone and iPad create dynamic new experiences across multiple screens – mobile, tablet and even desktop.

“We’ve made checkout faster and easier for buyers, and we’ve integrated selling across mobile and PC so sellers can list across device, wherever they are, however they want,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York