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EBay reaches 100M app downloads, listings

The company’s apps are available in eight languages and in more than 190 different countries around the world. In the last six months alone, eBay’s mobile app has been downloaded 25 million times.

“This week eBay announced its mobile apps have been downloaded 100 million times globally,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president of eBay Mobile.

“The growth of our mobile properties also marks another important milestone – 100 million listings via mobile since March of 2010,” he said. “The announcement illustrates the remarkable adoption of mobile commerce and highlights eBay’s unique mobile offering as buyers and sellers demonstrate unprecedented engagement on devices that did not exist a few years ago.

“Consumers are showing a better understanding on uses for smartphones and eBay is making it easier than ever to list your old car or buy the latest toy.”

Mobile success
According to eBay, $275 is spent on mobile every second in the United States.

Additionally, 2,500 women’s handbags are listed in the UK every day on mobile and 275 cars are listed in Germany every day.

The company also expects to transact $10 billion in mobile volume in 2012, which doubles last year’s total. 

“We are taking a mobile first approach to the business,” Mr. Yankovich said. “By drawing on four years of mobile leadership and innovation, we continue to make our experience personalized and relevant to the shopping enthusiast.

“People want to shop how they want, when they want and we succeed by making it easy for them to connect to the products and services they care about with the snap of a picture or scan of a bar code,” he said.

“Through an intuitive and quick listing process, we empower sellers to effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing world.”

Taking strides
Mobile clearly plays a big role for eBay.

Consumers are constantly turning to their mobile devices to make purchases.

Therefore, having a mobile presence is critical.

“Mobile is revolutionizing the way people search, shop, and pay and eBay continues to develop new innovative experiences for mobile shopping enthusiasts across the world,” Mr. Yankovich said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York