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Dunkin’ Donuts plunges further into mcommerce with Passbook integration

Now, consumers can scan their Dunkin’ Pass in-store or at the drive-thru. This latest effort is part of the company’s ongoing determination to thrive in the mobile commerce space.

“We launched the Dunkin’ App in August as a way to enhance our guests’ experience and make it faster and easier to run on Dunkin’,” said Dave Tryder, director of interactive marketing at Dunkin’ Donuts.

“As we delve more into the mobile space, we are always looking for ways to enhance our mobile app and continue to provide our guests with even more convenience,” he said.

“For those who use the app on an iPhone or iPod, this integration, being able to store digital Dunkin’ Donuts Cards in Passbook, allows for quick and easy payments whenever they visit a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant.”

Mobile payments
The Dunkin’ Pass is location aware, meaning it will appear on a consumer’s lock screen when they are near their favorite location. The feature is meant for easier, on-the-go access.

To add the app to Passbook, consumers must first purchase a new Dunkin’ Donuts card and add money to it.

From there, consumers can download the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile payments app and add the new card.

Through the app, consumers can also set their card to auto-recharge and view all previous card transactions.

The Dunkin’ App supports payment using American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

“We’re leveraging a mix of communications channels across social media, public relations and branding within the app store to highlight this announcement,” Mr. Tryder said. 

“To encourage usership once guests have it integrated into their Passbook, it is location aware, meaning that it will conveniently appear on a guest’s lock screen when they are near their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts location, for easy, on-the-go access,” he said.

How it works
Consumers can tap the mobile Dunkin’ Donuts card and present their device’s screen to a Dunkin’ Donuts crew member to be scanned. Balances are updated immediately after purchase.

Through the app, consumers can also send gift cards to whomever via SMS, Facebook and email.

The app also features a  detailed restaurant locator that gives consumers directions to and information about local Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, including store hours, in-store Wi-Fi and drive-thru availability.

We’re always looking for ways to distinguish the Dunkin’ App and how it benefits our busy, on-the-go guests,” Mr. Tryder said. “Mobile supports our goal of continuing to provide our guests with new levels of speed and convenience so that people can run on Dunkin’ more quickly than ever before.

“Within six months, the app has seen over a million downloads, and we’ve continued to add value and convenience to keep our guests running on Dunkin’ throughout the day,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York