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Domino’s serves up easy order-tracking with wearables integration

Domino’s is allowing customers to easily track orders from the time they are taken to the point of delivery by integrating its Domino’s Tracker application with the Pebble smartwatch.

While the Domino’s Tracker was initially introduced seven years ago, this marks the first time that it is available on any smartwatch device. Customers can receive alerts when their pizza is baking, out for delivery with a driver and being delivered to their homes.

“I would envision a positive response as it is an innovative way for smartwatches users to use their new device,” said Andrew Gerhart, COO of AerServ, Newport Beach, Calif. “The success of the smartwatch will depend on innovative apps like this that allow the user to engage and get additional utility from the device.”

Streamlined process
Domino’s expects the Domino’s Tracker application to be especially popular with on-the-go customers. If a guest needs to run an errand prior to the order getting delivered, he or she can simply glance at the smartwatch to see if the pizza is being prepped, baked, checked for quality or in route.

The Tracker offers minute-to-minute updates, and is available for download now.

To use the Tracker, a user must load the application onto the Pebble smartwatch and sync with the iPhone or Android version of the Domino’s mobile application. The Domino’s Tracker notifications and updates will then display themselves on the face of the watch in real time.

Domino’s has been augmenting its mobile strategy this year. The Pebbles integration arrives on the heels of Domino’s announcement regarding Dom, its virtual pizza ordering assistant (see story).

Also designed to convenience on-the-go consumers, Dom is a voice ordering mobile app that accepts orders via smartphones, responds with catchphrases, assists in locating coupons and can suggest additional food items to go with an order.

Domino’s revealed that digital ordering has grown to 45 percent of sales in the United States, a number which is likely to increase following the introduction of the Domino’s Tracker to a wearable.

Customizable smartwatch
The Pebbles smartwatch believes that the Domino’s Tracker app will offer the highest level of convenience to its consumers. Because the wearable was designed to seamlessly integrate in users’ lives, the company recognizes that the real-time updates of the Tracker made for a natural partnership.

“Consumers are busy and given the greater preference many have for their mobile devices, consumers are likely to gravitate to brands that make their lives more convenient, including simplifying the experience of ordering pizza,” said Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, vice president of marketing at Como, New York.

The Pebble Steel smartwatch was launched in January 2014, and has an app store offering more than 4,000 applications. The wearable syncs with Android and iPhone platforms, and has a rechargeable battery that claims to last from five to seven days.

The watch comes in two styles that were developed to be fashionable yet minimalistic.

“With smartwatches being such a nascent market, I would imagine there will be experimentation by developers as they learn about consumer behaviors with the devices,” Mr. Gerhart said. “The same apps and utilities that are successful on smart phones and tables may be different than those on smartwatches, and it takes time to uncover those learnings.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York