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DKNY, Lesportsac serve inclusive experiences on location-based discount app

These retailers are tapping into the deep connection that mobile platforms can build with consumers by serving them relevant, timely and compelling content such as deals, exclusive products and behind the scenes access. Notify Nearby will ping users within an area of a retail partner to notify them of current sales and promotions while also sharing app-only offers and early access.

“We aim to be the primary distribution channel for fashion related content,” said Nevin Jethmalani cofounder and CEO of Notify Nearby. “We want retailers to post content to our app before publishing it through any other distribution channel.

“We have beacons in retail stores and malls,” he said. “A mobile device is able to detect proximity to a beacon.

“Anytime a beacon is detected, the retailer’s pre-configured message is sent to a shopper in the form of a push notification. The app does not have to be open and the phone does not have to be unlocked for the shopper to receive the beacon content.”

Notifying on mobile
Notify Nearby just launched to the iOS App Store, allowing users to download for up-to-date access on their favorite brands and retailers. Beacon technology is powering special offer notifications that range from messages for users close by retailers to product locations within bricks-and-mortar stores.

The mobile app will alert passersby who have downloaded the app and enabled push notifications when they are near a store location with a promotion or offer. Notify Nearby will also feature product launch secret products for only app users, allowing to be in the know earlier than others regarding specific items.

Retailers such as DKNY will share other inside information directly on the app such as behind-the-scenes content, informing fans on everything that is to happen with the brand. Mobile users will also have access to a wide range of discounts, which are what consumers are most interested when it comes to mobile.

Users can opt-in for content regarding their favorite retailers, creating more loyal followers.

The incorporation of beacon technology and location-based notifications remove the fatiguing task of having to sort out deals, which is helpful to shoppers.

Location targeting
Location-based mobile apps are trending well with millennial consumers, with 84 percent acting on push-notifications from these platforms, according to a new report from Retale (see more).

Online retailers and Grainger were among several brands monitoring competitors’ price changes to provide near real-time push notifications to customers of their own adjustments so they can stay competitive in the fast-moving mobile shopping space (see more).

“Retailers love us because they are able to target shoppers when they are most likely to make a purchase,” Mr. Jethmalani said. “Shoppers love us because they do not need to download apps for every brand they shop at.

“Shoppers do not need to actively search for deals or new product,” he said. “Everything they need to know is sent to users as they shop or available whenever a shopper opens the app.”