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Coldwell Banker bets on centralized mobile platform to drive sales

Coldwell Banker is introducing a new mobile-optimized marketing platform in order to allow real estate agents to engage with consumers more readily via Web, email and social media platforms and increase sales.

The eMarketing platform belongs to the Coldwell Banker 360 suite of products developed to enable more interaction between independent agents, brokers and consumers. The new designs and marketing content will be implemented through the real estate brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ networks.

“The Coldwell Banker eMarketing platform allows our agents to create mobile ready content for viewing on any device,” said David Marine, vice president of brand engagement, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Madison, NJ.

“From eCards to newsletters to customized ads, it’s flexible enough to meet any agent’s need while providing them with sophisticated designs that meets the standards of how consumers expect to interact with the Coldwell Banker brand,” he said.

App has national and international listings

Coldwell Banker is employing a centralized marketing strategy in tune with keeping branding consistent. It is hoping the platform will drive sales across all branches.

The eMarketing platform allows all content to adapt to consumers’ mobile devices, and enables real estate agents to create and post marketing content using a tablet or iPad, from any location. It also syncs with Coldwell Banker’s vendor for commercial printing.

Videos will be an integral part of the campaign, and the platform provides seamless video embedding into email campaigns to enhance consumer experience. The real estate brand specifically chose to team up with marketing technology company Imprev due to its mobile-centric platform.

Coldwell Banker has long been affiliated with mobile advancement. The brand was the first in the national real estate sector to have an iPad application, augment its Web site for mobile devices and create an iPhone app featuring international listings.

“We provide marketing platforms that work across our global network, varying in size and need, but look to us to provide them with the platforms that can help their independent sales agents be more successful,” said Mr. Marine.

Easier communication
Coldwell Banker’s routing system will also be integrating with Imprev’s platform. The routing system allows agents to respond immediately to customer inquiries and helps maintain client relationships more easily.

The brand recognizes that communication is of the utmost importance in any retail sector, and especially in the real estate industry. A 2013 survey undertaken by Imprev revealed that relationship-based sources for agents provided the best leads.

Coldwell Banker is hoping that the new mobile-centric marketing platform will establish more relationship-based leads and allow consumers to feel even more connected to the agents they are trusting to find their next homes.

“If you’re not reaching mobile consumers, you’re not reaching consumers at all,” Mr. Marine said. “From mobile search ads to mobile video to mobile display and content, we make sure every touch point the Coldwell Banker brand has with consumers is mobile enabled.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York