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Chick-fil-A nourishes mobile ordering with in-app map features

Quick serve restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is enhancing mobile ordering by making it easier for users to choose and find the correct restaurant for picking up their order, including a Google satellite map and a highlighted route.

While mobile ordering is quickly being adopted by restaurant chains and consumers, a few kinks still need to be worked out of the experience in many cases. Diners expect to be able to seamlessly order their food and quickly get in and out of a restaurant with their order, something that chains are diligently working on providing.

“I think that it is great to give consumers the option to use the maps however it may or may not always be the best option as a default,” said Lara Mehanna, advisor at Sonata USA. “I think understanding how consumers are using mapping technologies is critical.

“What is more important for marketers is using the location information in a seamless fashion that provides the most utility for the consumer,” she said. “Know my location and offer that there is a store close by waiting for you to order and pick up immediately.

“Sometimes marketers want to put all the functionality in so that it all works simultaneously. Not necessary.”

Mobile ordering
Chick-fil-A recently updated its iPhone app to enhance the flow for choosing the correct restaurant to pick up mobile orders. The new experience includes icons for different restaurant types, a picture of the restaurant and a Google satellite map with cross streets.

The chain also highlights the route to the restaurant after users have submitted an order.

The app update includes additional new features to enhance the experience.

Apple Wallet support has been integrated, enabling users to tap the icon from the My Card screen to add Chick-fil-A One to Apple Wallet.

Also, now instead of only showing the closest locations, users can now see their favorite restaurants. Users’ more frequented restaurants have automatically been added and more can be included by tapping the heart icon.

Payment capabilities have been expanded so that users can now pay with their credit card instead of Chick-fil-A One.

The Chick-fil-A One mobile ordering app was introduced in June, enabling users to customize meals, order ahead and giving frequent customers the ability to earn free menu items based on their previous orders and preferences (see story).

“I think it is more important to identify the location of the consumer and help them navigate and order from the restaurant that is closest to them at that moment,” Ms. Mehanna said.

“Seamless is a great example of this – I have three or four locations saved from logging in or even just as a delivery location and every time I log in, it knows exactly where I am and what location I am looking for delivery with the proper suggested address to deliver to,” she said.

“Sometimes having too many saved options can be confusing if it is not working in conjunction with the current location of the consumer.”