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Chick-fil-A brings 3D Touch to mobile-ordering app

The restaurant chain is streamlining the ordering process by making small continual changes to the app, introducing breakfast options and cosmetic updates. As consumers become more familiar with Apple’s 3D Touch, Chik-fil-A is also equipping the app with the technology, hoping to keep up with rivals in the mobile retail scene.

“It is continuously becoming more and more important to update ordering to be as convenient as possible for users,” said Rick Rome, president and founder of WashClub. “If that means creating 3D Touch, than it is necessary for the company to be innovative and easy-to-use for each and every user.

“It is crucial for companies to stay in the know on what is next within this ever-evolving industry as it is easy to fall behind on the latest technology and innovation,” he said.

Mobile order up
The fast food chain updated its app to include breakfast options within the mobile ordering menu, expanding capabilities to cover all customers’ tastes. Chick-fil-A worked on streamlining its check-in process at restaurant locations to ease confusion and difficulties with the user experience.

Individual restaurants hold off on making customer’s food until users check in on the mobile app at a Chick-fil-A location. In the past some felt as though the experience was clunky, which creates a negative connotation for consumers, the update will produce a more favorable sentiment.

The look of the ordering feature is different as well, with locations visible as a map instead of a list.

IPhone 6s users will be able to search menu items, pay and order without having to opening the app, by using the peak and pop features when clicking on the icon. The Chick-Fil-A app will determine an action based on how deep the users presses on the icon while on the iPhone homepage.

Streamlining innovation
Chick-fil-A first updated its mobile app in 2014 to include two features paramount for driving mcommerce: in-app mobile payments and mobile ordering in more than 130 of its chain restaurants (see more).

3D Touch is shaping up to be the next big tool in mobile commerce now that Starbucks has launched an update using the peek and pop features for paying, ordering, reloading cards and store location (see more).

It is vital for retailers such as Chick-fil-A to evolve with technology and consumer behavior, frequently improving its digital properties.

“My number one suggestion for other retailers is to be aware of how quickly consumer spending trends are changing,” Mr. Rome said. “If consumers are now spending more on mobile apps versus online, than retailers should make it a main focus to update their app to be as useful as possible to ensure sales are flowing smoothly with no kinks.

“For example, WashClub has noticed that companies are taking to Twitter to tweet in orders,” he said. “The feature will be coming soon to our customers.”