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Chase banks on rising mobile traffic with personalized site redesign

Chase is revamping its site to make it more customized for mobile and tablet visitors, with new features including simplified bill paying, a revamped search tool and a redesigned homepage.

Chase customers will now experience a brand new site after signing into their accounts, likely as a result of the bank’s growing traffic stemming from tablet and smartphone devices. On-the-go users will be able to access a suite of customizable tools, such as a new search feature, a homepage featuring snapshots of all their accounts and personalized messages regarding upcoming payments.

“We’ve seen fast growth across all of our digital channels, including mobile and online,” said Gavin Michael, head of digital at Chase. “Mobile is our fastest growing channel.

“We were the first U.S. bank to surpass 20 million mobile users last spring and the first large U.S. bank to launch Touch ID. We currently have 23 million regular mobile users – up 20 percent year-over-year.”

Easy access, easy banking
The new features will be rolled out to all of Chase’s 33 million customers throughout the spring and fall. They are currently live for approximately one million members, and will reach 4 million by the end of March.

The financial institution sought to offer consumers easier ways to access their personal details, especially as mobile banking continues its meteoric rise. Many individuals nowadays lack the time needed to visit bricks-and-mortar branches, meaning that banks must adapt their services to mobile platforms.

The new, which can be accessed in both Spanish and English, offers a streamlined, consistent experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Users will be able to see customized messages about their upcoming payments and accounts in one location. They may also view a snapshot of their accounts on one page directly after signing in, a tool likely to resonate well with consumers wanting to monitor several accounts.

Customers can move different tiles on the new homepage to adjust their details.

The side menu will also be visible as consumers explore the site, while the new search feature will enable users to ask questions on whichever page they are.

Additionally, Chase made sure to incorporate simplified bill-paying tools. Customers can pay their own bills, send funds to another person and transfer money, all from a singular location.

“It’s very important to constantly update the mobile app with the latest technologies – our customers expect it and we want to give them the best experience possible,” Mr. Michael said. “Last year, we added a variety of enhancements to the Chase mobile app, including Touch ID authentication for iPhones; view checks, statements and deposits; mobile enrollment; paperless settings and more.”

Pulling ahead in mobile
Chase has been making a concerted effort to cement its status as a leader in the banking sector.

The company plans to install new card-free ATM machines this year, enabling customers to withdraw funds and complete other financial transactions using their smartphones (see story).

Visa is rolling out a new service that enables cardholders to set spending controls, temporarily suspend accounts and receive transaction alerts on mobile in a bid to prevent fraudulent transactions, a move that brings the financial marketer up to speed with its competitors (see story).

However, Chase is making the right move by allowing consumers to choose between downloading its mobile app, using the mobile site or both – since they offer nearly all of the same functionalities.

“The new has simpler navigation and a modern, clean design that brings the same look and feel our customers love on the mobile app to the online experience,” Mr. Michael said.