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Certify Wallet reaches Top 10 in finance iPhone apps

Expense management company Certify LLC’s Certify Wallet Mobile has risen to the Top 10 iPhone finance application downloads with more than 10,000 people signing up to try the application.

Certify Wallet Mobile is available as a free download for Apple’s iPhone, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile device users. Certify’s application helps business travelers to visually capture receipt information with a snapshot and create reports that can be printed, submitted online or channeled through any expense reporting tool for fast approval and reimbursement.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher interviewed Robert Neveu, founder/CEO of Certify, Portland, ME. Here is what he had to say:

What is Certify’s strategy behind the launch of the mobile wallet app?
Certify provides expense management software from receipts to reimbursement. The Certify Wallet Mobile application is a receipt and expense capture tool that is part of the Certify expense management suite.

Certify Wallet targets two distinct audiences, the first being individual business travelers that could benefit from organizing their receipts and expense data. This receipt and expense data for an individual can be used with any expense management solution.

We see the Certify Wallet individual user distribution effort as a viral marketing strategy for the Certify brand. This creates great brand awareness by helping fellow business travelers keep track of receipts and expenses.

The second audience is the employees of our corporate clients that wish to capture expense and receipt data as part of using the Certify corporate expense management solution.

The Certify Wallet mobile application is a primary business tool for these individuals and allows employees to easily tag receipts and expenses with a corporate expense category and general ledger coding data via their mobile device. 

What challenges does Certify address for SMBs?
Certify helps employees stop losing receipts and easily create expense reports. Certify helps employers reduce their overall employee expenses through better oversight, management and expense approval processes.

The company allows SMB’s to quickly implement and easily deploy a company-wide expense management program.

Certify is available on-demand with no implementation fee. 

Employees can easily capture receipts and expense data via numerous methods including mobile phones, SMS, email, scanner, fax and Web camera technology.

In addition, a company benefits from expense policy enforcement and expense approval workflow and can even reimburse employees rapidly via the Certify ACH direct deposit services. 

What SMBs are Certify clients? Which of them have a mobile platform?
Certify has thousands of paying users on our system. Our average corporate client has 50 users on Certify with 200 employees.

The application can scale from a single user to an enterprise wide solution. Our largest client has more than 2,000 employees. All of our clients enjoy the benefits of the Certify mobile application.

What is the price point of the application?
Certify pricing starts at $10 per user per month and is reduced as the number of users increases.  There is no implementation fee and services are available on a month-to-month basis.

The Certify Receipt Scanner is a mobile device which allows users to quickly scan large volumes of receipts directly into their Certify Wallet.

As a small, light-weight, USB-powered device, the Certify Receipt Scanner is a great addition to the travel bag of any road warrior.

And with a price point of $139, which includes a 12-month subscription to the Certify Wallet solution, the Certify Receipt Scanner is a must-have for any active business traveler.

How is Certify getting the word out about this application?
We have two primary go-to-market strategies—direct sales and channel partners.

Our direct sales are primarily via Internet-based marketing efforts. This includes mobile app advertising programs as well as display and CPC advertising programs.

Our clients find us on the Web through various methods and we are extremely diligent in our search engine optimization efforts.

Our channel partner strategy continues to expand monthly. These channels include accounting software partners, travel solution providers and various affiliate marketing channels.

While there is not currently any print or TV media campaigns, we may elect to promote Certify via these channels with our growing partner network.

Are there plans to roll this out to other smartphone platforms such as Palm or Android?
Later this quarter, we will release a version for Android. Anyone that has a smartphone which includes a camera and email capabilities can capture receipt images and email these into Certify Wallet for expense report processing.