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Bobbi Brown, Steve Madden usher in sales through social shopping platform

Bobbi Brown, French Connection and Steve Madden are taking a modern approach to summer campaigns by driving sales through bloggers on social media, aggregated in a shoppable format on Stylinity.

Social influencers in fashion and beauty are driving sales for the brands this summer by featuring products incorporated into their own style with images on social media. Stylinity is aggregating the content and offers users a method to purchase the products, and provides data and analytics for the brands to better serve consumers.

“The Go2Buy platform provides an automated and seamless way for brands to create a campaign, identify and select the right influencers, manage content and track ROI in real time,” said Joleen Lee, marketing manager at Stylinity. “For influencers, they can simply create their shoppable look via the Go2Buy platform and schedule it to post automatically to all of their social channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, which includes end to end tracking through our vibrant analytics system.”

Blogging mobile sales
Bloggers and popular social media users have significant influence over consumer purchasing behavior. Many influencers can significantly drive sales for products when featuring one in content on social media, even without a native link to purchase.

Stylinity is ushering more sales by providing shoppers with a direct method for users to shop items their favorite bloggers are wearing. The mobile-optimized platform congregates content from blogger partners that are showing off products from Bobbi Brown, French Connection and Steve Madden.

Social media users are also driving followers to the platform by sharing the sponsored photos and including a link to Stylinity’s Web site. For instance, Instagram user @sensiblestylista shared three images in one post showing off various brand products in her own style.

The caption reads, “It’s time for another outfit roundup on my ig, which one do y’all like best, 1, 2 or 3” and “to shop my @stylinity getup, go to” along with the hashtags #stylinity #sponsored. Users that click on the link will be brought to a post with the images and links to purchase all of the items, such as a lipstick from Bobbi Brown.

Each blogger has their own page on Stylinity that congregates all their sponsored posts and featured items.

Social influencing shopping
Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Tribute Portfolio brand similarly partnered with shopping platform, enabling travelers to browse social influencers’ curated content on Instagram, tap a photo and receive a link via email to book a stay at a featured property (see more).

Forever 21 also weaved social media platforms together for a comprehensive campaign appealing to music festival fans that also integrates with a shop devoted to what to wear as an attendee on its mobilized site (see more).

“The general lead time for a multi-brand campaign takes anywhere from two to three months, note that this is the complete campaign life cycle from agreement to conclusion,” Ms. Lee said. “The process consists of: product selection by bloggers, product approval by brands, product shipment, content creation, content review, content deployment, media tracking, media promotion, reporting and analysis.

“The opus of this process is mainly off-hands for the brands and serviced by our account managers,” she said. “The goal of the campaign is to drive awareness, engagement, and sales for the brands by getting influencers to create captivating content that drives traffic and higher conversion rates at the brand’s online store.”