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Blingby builds holistic shopping experience with music videos, film trailers

NEW YORK – A Blingby executive at Intersect Fashion New York said consumers on mobile are looking for a holistic experience that goes beyond just making a purchase.

During the session, Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience, the mobile retailer’s co-founder and CEO explained how it taps video to provide an immersive shopping experience that fulfills what consumers are looking for, to become a part of a bigger experience. It is also important to cater to a wide range of consumers, as retail is no longer segmented, showcased by the app’s majority of shoppers being male rather than female, who are thought to shop more.

“What if i told you as a brand that maybe you do not have to be so meticulous about what content is going to get the millennials and what content is going to get the more mature,” said Marcia Favale, cofounder and CEO of Blingby. “What if i told you the ultimate shopping experience is right there at your fingertips but you do not know how to capture it.”

Buying mobile experiences
Blingby is a mobile app that allows users to shop from music videos and film trailers to allow consumers to become a part of the experience. While mobile video is a significant part of the business model, the CEO attributes its success to the overall experience.

For instance, users can view their favorite videos and shop everything from the outfits featured to renting the venues they are filmed at. Ms. Favale explained that consumers are in it for the entire experience, not just for the music, the film, the outfits or the setting; it is about the altogether story.

All demographics
The shopping app also caters to shoppers of all demographics, whether they are male, female, affluent or not. This is because the industry is no longer segmented, or does not have to be, thanks to mobile.

Most Blingby users view videos in their entirety and complete a significant amount of click-through rates because the app allows consumers to search out what they want to interact with instead of the retailer pushing content out to them. In one of their biggest campaigns, the James Bond film Spectre saw significant results because fans wanted to be a part of the film, view its content and purchase its featured products.

“When we hear people talk about videos saying can I engage, can I opt-in the consumer, we are telling you there is a medium of captivating something that is there,” Ms. Favale said. “We are not worried about content because the content is out there from your own audience.

“We get videos, movie trailers, festival clips and everything that is important for your brand and we allow your consumers to opt in,” she said.