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Best Buy drives foot traffic to locations via geofencing campaign

Through the initiative, Best Buy is able to reach consumers with geo-targeted advertising, offers and rewards. Furthermore, through the partnership, Placecast and SocialVibe are able to deliver virtual currency via SMS to users who have completed on of SocialVibe’s brand engagements and are location near Best Buy store locations.

“SocialVibe delivers results through deeper engagement,” said Chris LoRosso, director of business development and client services at SocialVibe.

“We want to give efficiency and effectiveness, while giving the consumer an engaging experience that they find of value,” he said.

“By adding geofencing capabilities to our ad unit, brands can extend the online experience into the physical world, delivering value to both brands and users in the process, through rewards, virtual currency, and offers.”

How it works
Mobile gamers can win in-game rewards and other prizes by visiting a physical Best Buy location.

Through the program, consumers can also receive discounts from that retailer by playing mobile games.

As a consumer is playing a mobile game, an ad will pop up from Best Buy. If users respond to the ad, they get more points within the game, as well as a discount.

Through the Placecast and SocialVibe partnership, customers can opt-in to alerts from a particular brand, such as Best Buy, in exchange for the chance to earn virtual currency related to whatever activity they are participating in.

When users are nearby a retail location for the brand program they opted-in to, the geofence is triggered, prompting an SMS alert to the user.

Moreover, the SMS message may include a brand offer, reminder or confirmation of earned virtual currency.

“Although we can’t comment on the specifics of Best Buy, SocialVibe currently reaches an audience of 101 million U.S. consumers,” Mr. LoRosso said. “These users are already engaging with brands through SocialVibe campaigns in a variety of our premium placements online, including social games, streaming music services, and at Wi-Fi hotspots. 

“This partnership allows consumers who engage with a brand online to continue that engagement in the physical world, closing the circle on the consumer to brand experience, through virtual currency and brand messaging via geo-triggered text messages,” he said.

“It’s 100 percent consumer initiated, easy to use and requires no application production or downloads. This cuts through the clutter, and allows us to extend the brand experience from online to offline in a way that provides value to brands and consumers alike.”  

Reaching consumers
Geofencing is a great way for retailers to drive in-store traffic and offer consumers something different.

By offering rewards and discounts, Best Buy is further enticing consumers to be near its locations.

“We see the brands beginning to recognize the intersection of social gaming, mobile marketing, and physical locations in a big way next year,” Mr. LoRosso said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York