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Bed Bath & Beyond taps QR codes to bolster product sales

The company is running its full-page print ad within Real Simple magazine. More companies are branding their static ads with mobile bar codes to drive sales, as well as consumer interaction.

“Yes, QR Codes are proving to be very effective in reaching a marketer’s high value customer,” said Mike Wehrs, president/CEO of Scanbuy.

“The person scanning is very interested in the brand’s message, but often wants more information to take action,” he said. “A QR code is a simple and immediate way to decrease the sales cycle and deliver content that can be very targeted to that scan – like a mobile commerce opportunity from a direct mailer or a video demo from a store display. 

“We are seeing very high conversion rates after a scan whether it be an opt-in or a Like which is making marketers who execute more intelligent solutions take notice.”

Simply mobile
The Bed Bath & Beyond print ad promotes the company’s Storage + System products and introduces consumers to the new line of modular units and accessories.

The QR code is featured on the bottom left-hand side of the ad and encourages consumers to scan it to watch a demo.

It is important to feature a call-to-action nearby the QR code to instruct consumers on how to use it. Although the technology has been around for a while, there are still many users out there that are not educated with how to properly use it.

When consumers scan the mobile bar code, they can browse a demo video of  the products or tap on the “Shop Now” button to purchase the items.

From there, consumers are taken to the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile site where they can shop the products, view additional information and check out reviews to see what others have to say about it.

Furthermore, consumers can search for other products using the functionality at the top of the screen, as well as find the nearest in-store locations and browse their cart.

From print to mobile
Nowadays, many brands are using QR codes to help bring their static ads to life.

Futhermore, mobile bar codes help consumers learn more about the products and well as buy them straight from the page via their mobile device.

“In 2013, we expect marketers to really look hard at conversion metrics and leverage platforms that enable them to get the most return,” Mr. Wehrs said. “A platform solution can help marketers get more value out of every scan by delivering contextual and relevant content in real-time to more effectively convert interest into action.

“Consumer adoption on scanning has now turned into an opportunity because of the aggregated volume of traffic,” he said.

“Our system processed tens of millions of scans in 2012, so there is a lot data that marketers can use to help them understand how their customers are engaging with their media every day.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York