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PALM DESERT, CA – A former Bath and Body Works executive at eTail West 2015 advised brands to allocate more resources, marketing and budgets to mobile strategy to stay competitive and truly personalize the omnichannel experience for each individual consumer.

During the “Keynote Executive Presentation” session, the former senior vice president of direct business for Bath and Body Works offered retailers advice and tips on building an unforgettable experience across all digital channels. She also cautioned that brands must be willing to adapt how they do business so as not to stay stagnant, and must think outside of the box to engage with the customer innovatively.

“I believe brands are investing without evolving the processes within the organization,” said Pattiann McAdams, CEO of, Columbus, OH. “They’re spending money on what needs to go mobile, and they think that is going to be successful in the long run.”

Evolution of commerce
The executive discussed the evolution of digital commerce and called out large retailers as needing to be able to adapt to current needs of consumers rather than continuing to rely on tried-and-true marketing efforts. She also stressed the importance of understanding what omnichannel really means – and that it is not delivering identical content across all channels.

“Consumers are there, they’re using these tools, and they get bored very quickly,” Ms. McAdams said. “Omnichannel is certainly more than a technology investment.”

Consumers are increasingly demanding more innovation and personalization. The constant connectedness that mobile offers is an ideal way of tapping that.

However, brands must also inspire customers to reap rewards from mcommerce. Shoppers visit mobile and online platforms for more than transactional purposes; they want to discover new products or experiences even if they are not necessities.

“[The customer] wants to be empowered and engage with your brand,” Ms. McAdams said. “There are so many mediums for customers to do this today.

“She wants access anywhere and anytime.”

The Etsy example
Ms. McAdams used online marketplace Etsy to demonstrate the power of inspiration on digital platforms.

While many consumers do necessarily need many of the products showcased on Etsy, the marketplace continues to transform into a retail conglomerate for crafters and fans of homemade items, simply because it markets itself with an emotional connection.

There is massive potential for brands to follow in Etsy’s footsteps on smartphones and tablets, as those devices are where many shoppers prefer to browse or research before purchasing products.

“If it’s consuming people’s time, that means there are dollars to be made,” Ms. McAdams said.

Echoing a quote from Walt Disney, Ms. McAdams affirmed that shoppers tend to spend when and where they feel good. As mobile is often where a customer’s journey begins, it is up to brands to provide inspiration on smartphones and tablets that will fuel consumers to fulfill the end goal of making a purchase.

“Make mobile seamless with everything you do,” Ms. McAdams said. “There are brands out there that are setting high standards for consumers.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York