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Bank of America exec: Mobile payments need to create value before coming to market

During the “Mobile’s Role in Building More Personal Connections with Customers” keynote session, the executive discussed how mobile has evolved over the years. The executive also addressed how Bank of America is taking a holistic approach as opposed to a single-channel strategy to drive further adoption and engagement in mobile.

“We think there are a lot of interested things happening in the mobile payments space,” said David Godsman, online and mobile solutions executive at Bank of America, Charlotte, NC.

“Before it comes to market, it has to solve a problem or create value,” he said. “A swipe of a credit card is not broken today.

“If you use a phone to pay, you have to do more than tap. Marketers need to bring an offer in and create an experience. Maybe then consumers will be migrating.”

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Bank on mobile
The mobile payments space is still rather new.

In order for it to succeed, financial institutions, carriers, retailers and other marketers need to work together, especially not to overwhelm consumers with different mobile payments offerings.

Furthermore, the executive believes that near-field communication will come. However, until it gets to the customer and the education is there, adoption will be slow to happen.

“At the forefront of this digital reality is mobile,” Mr. Godsman said. “It’s about so much more than just a communication device anymore.

“Mobile is no longer a sibling to online,” he said. “Mobile is very much a component digital experience that you have.

“Customers are adopting mobile banking at a faster pace than other channels.”

Banking success
Bank of America is seeing that its mobile customers are more engaged now than ever before.

Since 2010, the financial institution has seen mobile log-ins increase by 228 percent.

According to Mr. Godsman, Bank of America has seen a nine percent increase in retention for those customers.

Mobile banking provides seamlessness for customers.

According to the executive, success equals commitment.

“It’s about putting your customers first and not looking at ROI,” Mr. Godsman said. “You have to think about the customer first and really thinking about the space.”

When it comes to mobile and customer experience for Bank of America, many things come into play.

The company believes that making interactions easier is key. Furthermore, it is important that the company make its expertise more accessible.

Finally, making relationships more human and finding success that is shared helps round out an effective strategy.

“There are many trends we are watching,” Mr. Godsman said. “It’s really going to be all about digital convergence, personalization and relavnace, geolocation and social.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York