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Avenue enhances mobile efforts via RMM

Avenue rolled out the program during Thanksgiving weekend and is promoting it through a multichannel campaign. Avenue tapped Iris Mobile to roll out the RMM program.

“Rich media messaging is the only mobile technology that allows Avenue to deliver images and videos on all mobile handsets and carriers,” said Cezar Kolodziej, CEO/president of Iris Mobile, Chicago.

“Since no data connection is required, customers are able to view sales promotions wherever they are – at home or if they’re on the go where they don’t have a data connection,” he said.

“Previously, Avenue used a SMS text-based campaign to send promotions to customers. By switching over to rich media messaging, it is much easier for Avenue to send images of clothes, shoes and other products resulting in a more engaging call-to-action and an increase in user engagement for customers.”

Mobile messages
Avenue is using RMM to send weekly promotions to opted-in users. The messages drive both in-store and online traffic through photos and videos.

For instance, a winter-themed RMM message encourages consumers to find winter coats, boots and shoes for up to 40 percent off by clicking on a link.

Additionally, users receive a coupon code that can be applied for $5 off of a $20 or more purchase as a reward for signing up for the program. The coupon is redeemable through a code that can be entered by store associates at the point of sale.

Avenue is tying its RMM and social media efforts together by letting users share messages via Facebook and Twitter.

To encourage consumers to sign up for the rich media messaging program, Avenue is using in-store, Web, email and social media to get the word out.

Consumers can sign up for mobile alerts on Avenue’s Web site at

A call-to-action for the SMS program

Top-of-mind channel
By using RMM, Avenue is able to expand its mobile messaging efforts.

A list of opted-in consumers gives Avenue a wide net to reach as many consumers as possible.

Additionally, adding images and multimedia to messages gives shoppers a way to interact with the brand on a deeper level.

“By adding rich media messaging to Avenue’s mobile marketing toolkit, Avenue has a more effective way to communicate with their customers using rich content regardless of what devices customers have,” Mr. Kolodziej said.

“Compared to other mobile marketing tools such as apps or SMS, rich media messaging gives Avenue creative freedom to engage their customers without having to worry about device limitations and the content they want to deliver to all customers,” he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York