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Aveeno raises product awareness via mobile-enabled print ads

The Aveeno print ads promote the company’s Nourish and Strengthen line of shampoos and conditioners. The mobile-equipped ads are appearing in Marie Claire magazine and are powered by ShopText.

“Our whole approach is to help clients get the most out of every ad they run,” said Steve Roberts, CEO of ShopText, Norwalk, CT.

“We come at it from a media ROI standpoint with how brands can build a real CRM database,” he said. “Mobile is the ultimate channel to leverage all ads and establish a relationship that drives consumers to stores.”

Mr. Roberts is not affiliated with Aveeno. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Aveeno did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile freebies
The one-page Aveeno magazine ads claim that the Nourish and Shine shampoo reduces hair breakage by 90 percent in three washes.

The bottom of the magazine ad includes a blurb that encourages users to send a text message to receive a free sample of the shampoo with the ShopText logo.

Consumers can text the keyword HAIRS to the short code 467467 to sign-up for the sample.

After consumers text-in the keyword, they fill out their contact information by replying to messages.

For example, first consumers are asked for their date of birth and address. Users can also type in a landline number that lets ShopText fill in all the information automatically.

According to Mr. Roberts, the key to the SMS program is to make the sign-up process as easy as possible after consumers give over one piece of data. Text messaging is one of the top mobile activities, which is why the sign-up process takes place via SMS instead of including a link to take users to a mobile Web site.

Extra incentive
Linking a print magazine ad with a mobile call-to-action is a great way for brands to give users an incentive for flipping through their favorite magazine.

In Aveeno’s case, using a free product sample to entice users to send a text message not only rewards mobile users, but also helps readers remember the brand afterwards.

Aveeno is not the only company tying its print ads to a commerce-related activity.

Recently, Glamour’s March issue included snap tags in its issues that let users shop from brands including Juicy Couture and Express (see story).

By including a mobile call-to-action, brands are able to bring static pages to life.

“Smart marketers are making previously passive activities interactive,” said Doug Stovall, senior vice president of sales and client services at Hipcricket, Kirkland, WA.

“With the mobile phone with reach all day and night, it is prudent to engage the reader with an enticing offer,” he said.

“Then you can follow it up with an invitation to have an ongoing relationship with the consumer.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York