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Atom Tickets heightens mobile ticketing competition with planned national rollout

The mobile ticketing application is competing against Fandango with a sleek and modern interface and interesting campaigns from major production companies. Atom Tickets has now launched in major cities such as Dallas, Miami and Charlotte, and will be nationwide within a few months.

“The penetration of Atom Tickets into major theater partnerships will push other ticketing apps to rethink their models,” said Robert Cuthbertson, vice president at Boston Retail Partners. “Where Atom can succeed is the ease of getting movie goers from the car to the screen with essentially no lines.

“Instead of focusing on movie add-ons, Atom is focusing on the customer and ensuring they have the best experience possible,” he said.

Mobile ticketing competition
Chain theaters such as Regal and AMC are allowing customers to purchase tickets to film showings through the mobile app Atom Tickets, while at the same time, major film distributors are flocking to the platform for unique marketing campaigns. The app is quickly growing and has now launched in Dallas, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Kansas City, Charlotte and Raleigh.

In addition to Regal and AMC, Atom Tickets users can now purchase movie tickets at Studio Movie Grill in available markets.

Users are able to watch trailers, read reviews, plotlines and engage with exclusive film content on the app as well as purchase tickets for nearby participating theaters and invite friends to buy tickets as well. The app integrates with users’ Facebook friends list and their contact list to share the purchasing link.

Atom Tickets users can also purchase concession food and drinks within the app. For both tickets and food purchases, Atom generates a QR code that on-location kiosks will be able to scan.

Atom marketing
The mobile ticketing app will launch nationally by the end of the summer. Atom is working with many marketers to bring exclusive content and campaigns to the app, and is garnering a lot of attention from big filmmaking brands.

For instance, Paramount Pictures launched an immersive campaign to increase theater visits for the upcoming installment of its Star Trek franchise in partnership with Atom, including exclusive video content on the platform and free tickets (see more).

Atom’s competitor, online movie ticket retailer Fandango, recently expanded capabilities for its partnership division Fandango Rewards by introducing receipt scanning and data capture technology, adding value for merchants and consumers (see more).

“With continued success, Atom now has an inside track at expanding their app nationwide,” Mr. Cuthbertson said. “While competitors may follow, Atom has a first move advantage and its unique features, like social media engagement, will set the bar higher for other new apps that enter this space.”