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Apple Store’s updated app puts cross-selling front-and-center

The Apple Store’s updated mobile application bolsters the bridge between online and in-store shopping with new features such as recommendations for compatible products and the ability to scan and purchase items from an iPhone.

Users can also stay on top of in-store activities such as workshops, reservations to meet with a store technician and when an order is ready for pickup. As consumers increasingly use their smartphones as a shopping assistant throughout the path to purchase, Apple Store is astutely providing tools to meet shoppers’ omnichannel behaviors.

“One of the most compelling features is the Recommendations piece where it shows accessories for your current Apple products,” said Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree. “It’s right in the top banner, so impossible to miss.

“Apple is finally capitalizing on the fact that people have a suite of Apple products, and they are making it easier than ever to not only manage those devices, but also upgrade/enhance them with new accessories,” he said.

Compatible recommendations
The app update focuses on driving both online and in-store sales, recognizing that while shoppers may be more active in one channel, they want the ability to purchase wherever is most convenient for them at a particular time.

With the update, Apple will be able to cross-sell merchandise through the app, taking advantage of the brand’s large base of loyal customers who own multiple devices. Users who have items registered under their Apple ID will see recommendations for compatible new products and be able to shop these items.

Customers who have added a product to their Favorites list will be able to see if it is available when they visit a participating store.

In-store assistance
Users can also scan a product at a participating Apple Store to get more information, make sure the item is compatible with the devices they own and buy it from their iPhone.

Additionally, users can find out when their order is ready for pickup, see what time their reservation starts and learn about workshops and events happening at their nearest Apple Store.

Finally, users can manage their Apple account at a glance with an updated Account tab.

“I’m not sure if the app update breaks new ground, per se, in regards to the in-store experience, as scanning has been around for years at this point,” Mr. Dengel said. “However, enabling a smoother and more efficient in-store experience for even just a segment of customers will have a ripple effect that enhances the experience for all customers.

“Allowing users to quickly access product and appointment information, explore compatible items, and make purchases will allow store employees to focus on the more complex customer interactions,” he said. “Anything that reduces friction within a commerce platform will enhance customer satisfaction, so it is just a matter of time before these features become part of every retail experience.”