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Amazon taps Line to drive member signups prior to Prime Day

The Internet retailer shared a tweet that promotes its new keyboard within that app, made up of various emojis in the form of its iconic corgi mascot. Within users’ threads with the retailer, Amazon shares content such as giveaways, polls and playlists along with multiple touch points that drive shoppers to its site within the app.

“As a general rule of thumb, marketers see the highest conversion rates when they provide the shortest route possible to the intended conversion,” said Shuli Lowy, director of customer success for the Americas at TVTY. “For example, if the goal is to drive sales of a certain product then posting a link to the purchase page of the product will provide the most conversions.

“Each additional page consumers need to go through to get to the purchase page creates about a 50 percent drop-off,” she said. “Some products, however, require a little more time in the awareness, interest, and desire building phases than others and thus won’t effectively drive conversions through that route.

“The need for additional efforts to coax consumers through the purchase path is particularly noticeable when pushing a large purchase, which naturally lends itself to more due diligence.”

Amazon mobile messaging
Line users can search Amazon under official accounts on the homepage of the app to add and interact with the digital retailer’s exclusive content. Amazon sends a wide range of content on the app to interact with customers, although it cannot interact one-on-one.

Amazon’s messages are pushes sent out to all followers in an attempt to drive sales. There are multiple links within its message thread with users to conveniently and consistently bring potential shoppers to without leaving the app.

To ramp up its Prime Day and promote signups of Prime ahead of the deal-centric day, Amazon has an image within message threads advertising the discounts. An image in the chat informs users of how many days are left until Prime Day and prompts them to click to see the deals.

Users that click the Prime Day image will be brought to an Amazon page within the Line app, which showcases the dramatic deals members of Prime can get. The site features a button atop of the page for users to signup seamlessly for Prime and receive a 30-day free trial.

Shoppers can purchase any Amazon item within the site. The message thread also promotes its Prime Photos sweepstakes, which prompts users to upload a photo to Amazon’s photo platform for a chance to win $5,000 and directs users instantly to the app store to download.

Chatting with retailers
Similarly, American Express cardholders are able to interactively manage their credit accounts through a chatbot in Facebook Messenger, streamlining customer service for on-the-go consumers (see more).

Also, Sephora drove customers to mobile messaging platform Kik in a contest asking users to answer three questions and enabling the retailer to build its audience on the platform while gaining shopper insights (see more).

“Additionally, marketers understand that building a relationship with consumers is not only about pushing them to the purchase pages,” Ms. Lowy said. “A social media engagement program which focuses entirely on purchase pages will quickly lose its following.

“Instead, marketers should aim for a well-rounded program that provides a dynamic mix of purchase pages, bold invitations to engage with a brand, natural brand participation in socially trending topics, captivating imagery, and opportunities for consumer input,” she said. “Amazon does an excellent job at providing a well-rounded program with their Line messages.

“While they strategically leverage their Line messaging to drive product sales, they also use it as a method to enthrall consumers with crisp imagery, solicit input, and keep their audience engaged.”