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Amazon Dash expands as streamlined purchasing experience supports retention

Amazon continues to cement its status as a reigning champion in mobile commerce with new innovations surrounding its Dash service, adding instant-ordering capabilities for brands such as Mentos and Dial as well as a British rollout for its Dash grocery scanner device.

The ecommerce behemoth’s Dash button, a wireless ordering device, is now available for consumers wanting immediate replenishment of Mentos, Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf products, suggesting that instant-ordering options will continue to proliferate in the consumer packaged goods industry. Additionally, the expansion of the Dash grocery scanner to individuals across the pond suggests that Amazon is planning to bring one-click ordering capabilities to a slew of new sectors.

“Dash is similar to auto reload in the mobile channel; once a customer commits to a default brand for a given experience, you’ve got 90 percent, or better, odds at retaining them,” said Jon Squire, founder and CEO of CardFree. “Dash makes the reordering experience as simple as it gets and takes two to three clicks out of a consumer’s life.

“While that may sound silly, these days any less steps for a seemingly trivial purchase is what the consumer will gravitate toward.”

Buttoning up sales
Mentos and Henkel are two of the latest companies to receive their own Dash buttons, which enable consumers to tap the device once to order a new supply of products. Henkel owns the Dial, Persil ProClean and Schwarzkopf brands.

Amazon Dash buttons can be obtained by any Amazon Prime member. Each button arrives with removable hooks and reusable adhesive, allowing individuals to stick, hang or place the device in a convenient location.

Prime members can connect the buttons to their home’s Wi-Fi network, set them up via the Amazon mobile application and enjoy one-tap ordering whenever an item’s supply is running low.

Now, consumers will be able to leverage instant ordering for Dial’s lotions, body washes and soaps, as well as Persil ProClean’s laundry detergent and Schwarzkopf’s beauty and hair care products.

Additionally, Mentos fans will be able to ensure they never run out of their favorite gum and mints, thanks to the introduction of the brand’s Dash button.

All Dash buttons can be ordered at

By expanding Dash’s availability for a slew of CPG-oriented brands, Amazon is ensuring its presence will continue growing in homes across the nation. Consumers who appreciate the devices’ instant-ordering capabilities may opt to have several Dash buttons in their households, specifically in areas such as the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom.

Therefore, Amazon’s intimidating shadow and overpowering reach could scare off other brands attempting to entice consumers with one-click mobile ordering options.

The Internet conglomerate has also been branching out into more complex connectivity features.

Several months ago, water filtration product manufacturer Brita integrated Amazon’s Dash Replenishment functionality into its latest pitcher for a new connected experience that automatically reorders filters when needed, without the need of the Dash device (see story).

Dashing to the UK
Meanwhile, Amazon remains focused on foreign markets with the recent rollout of the Dash grocery scanner in Britain. The scanner device enables shoppers to add grocery items to their existing Amazon shopping lists by speaking into its microphone or scanning products’ bar codes.

Prime members can then purchase these necessities in one swoop the next time they check out via Amazon’s site or mobile app.

The AmazonFresh service, which offers one-hour food delivery, was also introduced in Britain this summer.

The rapid acceleration of Dash-supported ordering options indicates that Amazon will continue expanding its services into connected devices related to a variety of industries.

“The Dash [button] is to the Dash Scanner what the Tap is to the Echo, they all feed a brilliant strategy to make shopping both fun and painless,” Mr. Squire said. “While Dash is essentially a one-way communication device, it ultimately feeds the appetite for those to step up to the Echo and blends mobile and the Internet of Things.

“Amazon has always made online shopping easy, but now it is defining what all channels can ultimately look like.”