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Alex and Ani increases holiday sales by 318pc via mobile checkout implementation

The company partnered with Mobiquity to help execute the effort. The company rolled out the initiative to streamline the checkout process and improve customer flow.

“Alex and Ani is all about creating positive energy in their stores and with their products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit,” said Lori Cohen, chief marketing officer of Mobiquity.

“A mobile point-of-sale solution frees the Bangle Bartenders to engage and bond with customers from the moment they walk into a store, creating a more personal shopping experience that re-enforces their brand fundamentals,” she said.

“Additionally, the mobile POS system alleviates the long lines this popular retailer has seen, especially during shopping season, adding to the positive shopping experience and contributing significantly to increased sales.”

Alex and Ani makes eco-friendly products such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The company has both its own stores and retail partners.

Mobiquity is a professional services firm working to create innovative mobile solutions and apps that drive business value.

Checking out
The POS technology has been rolled out at several Alex and Ani stores in the United States.

Store associates are armed with iPod touch devices and the POS systems feature payment options that let them swipe credit cards and scan bar codes.

Furthermore, store associates can print receipts and send other relevant content to consumers via email.

After seeing success, Alex and Ani increased points of checkout from four to 10 in most of its 28 stores across the United States.

Additionally, the resulting increase in sales opportunities let Alex and Ani hire more staff to personally assist customers for the duration of their visit.

“When the customer walks into the store, they are met by a Bangle Bartender who stays with them during the entire visit,” Ms. Cohen said.

“They are the customer’s personal guide to the collection,” she said. “Once products are selected for purchase, the customer’s credit card is swiped on the handheld device, the product barcodes scanned and a receipt is either emailed or printed, completing the transaction at the ‘point of inspiration.’”

Mobile success
Alex and Ani is attributing its mobile success to a combination of a new collection, more sales staff armed with mobile POS devices interacting with customers and the elimination of lines.

“This drove more transactions in all stores,” Ms. Cohen said. “There is no question that retailers lose sales when people have to wait in line, giving them time to rethink a purchase or realize they’re pressed for time.

“In addition, making the technology easy to use allows sales staff to focus on building a relationship with a customer and not on the transaction itself,” she said. “There’s no question that this contributed to increases sales for Alex and Ani.”

Chantal Tode also reported on the piece.

Final Take
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