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Adspace Digital Mall Network implements NFC to bolster consumer interaction

Through the initiative, consumers can tap or snap smart screens for brand-specific mobile content. The technology is implemented into 140 malls – of the extensive 206 mall national network.

“Enabling the digital signs with mobile interactivity using NFC and QR will extend the experience past an impression to a personal engagement, providing immediate and relevant content to shoppers at the time when they want and need it most,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO of Blue Bite, New York.

How it works
Adspace Digital Mall Network is using Blue Bite’s mTag platform to facilitate a variety of brand-to-consumer interactions.

The smart screens, which will be featured in the mall, will include brand advertising that aims to motivate consumers to either tap or snap the mTag placard on the side panel of the unit.

When consumers snap or scan the smart screen, they will be available to view and download content such as movie trailers, mp3s, eBooks, apps, Web-based games, promotions, coupons, social media interaction and maps.

Shoppers with NFC-enabled mobile phones will be able to receive content instantly, while those that do not yet have NFC will still be able to scan a QR code to access the same content.

According to both companies, content will be location specific so advertisers can target campaigns by demographic or by mall.

“The mTags will be added to both existing digital displays as well as new installations,” Mr. Damiani said.

“We have seen that shoppers have a strong desire to interact with digital signage using their mobile phones as long as we can provide valuable content in a relevant setting,” he said.

“A major benefit of digital signage is that we can use the video and audio to educate the consumer about the availability of the interaction, and more importantly the value they will receive for taking the action.”

Key advances
NFC is rapidly growing and more marketers are incorporating the technology into their strategies.

With this campaign, both Adspace Digital Mall Network and Blue Bite are offering consumers a unique experience with incentivized content, which encourages them to make the initiative scan or snap.

“The mTag deployment is ongoing and will be ready for use starting April 1, so there are no current advertisers,” Mr. Damiani said.

“However, we are in serious discussions with several large retailers, a financial services company, two telecommunication companies, and a couple of movie studios,” he said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York