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Adidas, Kohl’s mobile commerce campaign racks up 13,000 sweepstakes entries

The adidas campaign ran from Aug. 24 through Sept. 15 and was used to drum up awareness around the company’s college football merchandise. Adidas worked with Tagga Media on this campaign.

“This campaign connected target customers across four different media channels – email, display advertising, in-store and Facebook – to a common campaign goal,” said Amielle Lake, founder/chief revenue officer at Tagga Media, Vancouver.

Mobile sales
Four markets were used in the campaign – Michigan, Tennessee, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

An in-store call-to-action encouraged consumers to text a keyword to a short code for a chance to win merchandise or a grand prize package to a football game in the four markets. The entry forms collected consumers’ names, phone numbers, mailing address and email.

Once consumers completed the entry form, a page let users shop the products from Kohl’s.

The campaign generated more than 49,000 page views across all markets, according to Tagga Media.

Additionally, 1,968 entries were made via SMS while consumers were in-store shopping. Although smartphone ownership continues to grow, SMS still remains a primary way for marketers to reach a wide group of consumers.

SMS is also particularly effective at pushing out time-sensitive offers and deals.

The campaign drove anywhere from a 30–100 percent increase in sales for each market, per Tagga Media.

Tying a sweepstakes to a mobile commerce initiative is a great way for both adidas and Kohl’s to take advantage of consumers that use their mobile devices to comparison shop and hunt for deals while shopping.

Mobile shoppers
Kohl’s has steadily been building up its mobile repertoire in the past year.

Most recently, the company announced plans to integrate the medium into its holiday marketing with foursquare promotions and free in-store Wi-Fi (see story).

Additionally, earlier this year the company used mobile in a back-to-school campaign that rewarded shoppers for spending $25 or more in-store (see story).

In the adidas campaign, in-store signage, social media, Web and email were all used to spread the word about the campaign to consumers.

As more consumers rely on their mobile devices as shopping guides, using the medium in a multichannel approach is increasingly becoming a go-to move for marketers.

“This style of marketing allows marketers to harness their media channels and better connect with their target audience,” Ms. Lake said.

“The result is reduced cost-per-action, comprehensive customer information, better targeting and higher customer conversion rates,” she said. “This is about getting a brand’s media to work together.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York