QuickContractors.com Inc. Announces $2 Million in AI Funding Towards Unified Delivery Service

December 08, 2021
Press Contacts
Andrew Spurvey, CMO

Leading Retailer Partners With QuickContractors.com to Interface and Manage Supply Chain and Product Installations

QuickContractors.com, one of North America's fastest growing retail skilled trades aggregators announces that it has partnered with Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd. to develop a SaaS AI platform that combines real-time data and AI to optimize last-mile delivery and product installations for large North American retailers.

With the assistance of Canada's supercluster Scale Ai, the company is developing an intelligent platform with robust optimization capabilities that will synthesize existing and real-time data inputs, including inventory availability, delivery carrier details, delivery locations, GPS, contractor skill levels and more, to improve the capacity planning, scheduling and logistics of over 5000+ national field technicians and delivery agents.

“This project will enable Quick Contractors to provide a cutting-edge customer experience, minimize excess labor capacity and harmonize the scheduling of heterogeneous resources to its retail partners, enabling significant AI-powered efficiency gains in last-mile supply chain management,” mentions Trevor Bouchard, CEO. "There currently is no retail end-to-end supply chain solution that seamlessly tracks last mile logistics with product installations in the field. We are about to change that with our UDS [Unified Delivery Service] model" he said.


About Scale Ai

As Canada’s AI supercluster, SCALE Ai acts as an investment and innovation hub that accelerates the rapid adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and contributes to the development of a world-class Canadian AI ecosystem. Based in Montreal, funded by the federal government and the Québec government, SCALE Ai has nearly 120 industry partners, research institutes and other players in the AI field. It develops programs aimed at supporting investment projects of companies that implement real-world applications in AI, the emergence of future Canadian flagships in the sector, as well as the development of a skilled workforce.

About QuickContractors.com Inc.

QuickContractors.com is a staple in the home improvement and retailer services industry, providing skilled trades labour, point of sale, cross-docking and logistic services via its proprietary SaaS platform for many of the worlds largest and most recognizable retail and manufacturing brands including The Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, IKEA, Rona, Canadian Tire, The Brick, Leons and EnerCare. QuickContractors.com Inc. services both commercial and residential customers coast-to-coast with its network of over 5000+ field technicians and 100+ support staff