RedTrack integrates with Shopify and brings back accurate reporting for Facebook

November 29, 2021
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VILNIUS, Lithuania —

New Private Shopify App helps online stores run ads on paid channels with previous effectiveness, yielding better conversions and lower costs., the analytics & attribution tool that helps marketers to analyze acquisition channels and find which campaigns turn visitors into purchases, today announced the release of their Private Shopify app.

Now, as soon as RedTrack is connected to a Shopify store, it tracks your website's traffic and attributes the purchases to the channels and campaigns they came from. This integration helps fight the biggest problem of all eCom store owners: matching the data between Facebook and Shopify and ensuring optimization that was available before iOS updates.

Moreover, with Shopify x RedTrack integration, marketers can pass more information about each conversion back to advertising channels, like Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. This, in turn, provides better match scores and gives more information to the channels used further for optimization tasks. 

"Working with 100+ eCom customers, we saw their problems and felt a need to create accurate tracking & attribution experience, yet simple at the same time. We are building a global digital marketing platform that, together with our RedTrack's Shopify app, will offer significant value to eCom customers struggling to attribute sales across various customer touchpoints." - Vlad, CEO of RedTrack.  

With RedTrack App, Shopify store owners have:

  • Accurate attribution reports across all channels that match Shopify sales report;
  • Sales data sent back to advertising channels for better ad optimization and machine learning;
  • Easy no-code setup.

RedTrack customers already had a chance to test the Shopify app and receive the first benefits of the seamless integration: 

"I've used since the early days of Facebook Ads/IOS 14.5 apocalypse that all eCom media-buyers faced this year. I have seen how the product evolved, improving tracking and attribution quality one step at a time, following all the market changes. Now with their Shopify App tracking became even simpler and more accurate, allowing me to match data between Facebook and Shopify" — shares Sunetra Zaveri, Ekobitat.

By fusing all marketing channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Taboola, email, affiliates, etc., into a single source of truth, RedTrack helps to improve one of the most challenging but critical business processes. It allows marketers to tie each dollar spent through multiple advertising channels with the revenue generated from there. 

To learn more about this integration, how to sign up for private app access, and test other ways RedTrack is helping marketers increase their revenue, visit

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