Knack Launches Knest, A New Personalized Gifting Platform

November 18, 2021
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Gift Givers Curate Custom Gift Pages to Make Sending Gifts Via Email a Personal and Powerful Bonding Experience  

Knack, the leader in custom gifting, today announced the launch of Knest, a customizable web page that offers the most highly personalized gifting experience yet for both givers and recipients. In an industry first, Knack invites individuals and companies to design an immersive page with videos, photos, custom messages, PDFs, and weblinks surrounding their own curated gift selection. Gift recipients are emailed invitations to visit a Knest, where they will choose their gift and provide their shipping information while engaged in the gift giver’s customized environment.  

“This new platform will fundamentally change the way we gift,” said Laura Jennings, Knack Founder, and CEO. “What makes a gift truly special is the story and the personally relevant context behind it. Knest wraps an immersive digital experience around the delivery of a physical gift, enhancing the overall impact by creating a memorable and individualized experience from concept to delivery.”  

Knack propels online gifting further from the static catalog-style selections of old, toward an experience where gifting truly deepens interpersonal connections. With Knest, gift-givers can customize a page unique to them or their company, providing a welcoming and easy-to-use gifting solution for any occasion. Since additional recipients can be invited at any time, Knest is perfect for ongoing gifting programs such as new employee onboarding, client appreciation, or referral programs.  

Customers start designing their personal Knest experience by selecting gifts from one of three price points. Knest creators can select just one gift or offer their recipients a choice of gifts. From there they can completely customize their Knest with easy-to-use creation tools and defaults that make it simple to get started. Customers can add messages, photos, videos, links, and downloads to make their Knest feel uniquely theirs. Corporate customers can prominently display their logo, design the page in their brand colors, and add company information such as videos from the CEO, or links to relevant resources and content. Once a Knest is created, recipients can be invited at any time via email to visit the custom page, where they can view the personal content and messages, select a gift, and provide their shipping address. While Knests are created on desktop, recipients have the option to view and redeem on any device. Creators also have a real-time view of who has collected their gift and what they chose.  

Knest can be used for a variety of circumstances, whether it’s for your own holiday gifting to your loved ones, for a company sending a thank you to their employees, or a real estate agent sending a housewarming gift to their new home buyers. The possibilities are endless,” said Ginger Haughney, VP of Marketing at Knack. “Gift givers can use our intuitive tools to make a one-of-a-kind space and customize their Knest as little or as much as they want.”  

Every Knack gift includes a multi-stage reveal and free digital extras that enhance the recipient unboxing experience. The personalized gift message card that comes with their box includes optional photos from the giver and a QR code to access a gift-specific web page. This auto-generated custom web page — a feature unique to Knack — includes an optional video from the gift giver, allowing givers to “be in the room” with the recipient as they’re opening their gift. This page is loaded with recipient features as well, including details about the items in the gift and the merchants behind them, and a feature that allows recipients to easily send a thank you message to the giver, including an uploaded photo.  

With Knest, Knack makes it easy to celebrate and build relationships. When givers and recipients can’t be in the same place, Knest leverages technology to make the gift-giving experience still feel personal. It’s also the perfect solution for giving in today’s work-from-anywhere environment, as gift givers can rest easy knowing that their gifts will be shipped to recipients’ latest and most convenient address.  

Knack has consistently innovated the category, deploying the latest technologies since its launch in 2015. Knest by Knack is the company’s latest innovation: the new way to gift.  


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Knack, the leading online curated gifting company, is entirely giver-focused, empowering consumers to create one-of-a-kind gifts that instill feelings of absolute confidence and delight in the entire gifting experience. Founded in Seattle, Wash., in 2015, Knack makes it easy for customers to act on their ideas and curate gift boxes based on shared stories that reflect the unique values, personality, and relationship between giver and recipient. Each gift is beautifully packaged, directly delivered to the recipient’s door, and includes a custom-printed card and optional video message personalized for the recipient.


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