utu announces waitlist for groundbreaking product upsizing VAT refunds in 50 countries

September 02, 2021
utu header image

(2 September 2021) - utu, the travel tech company empowering global shoppers with higher tax refunds and rewards, has opened its app waitlist to the public. The new utu Tax Free app will enable travelers shopping abroad to easily upsize their tax-free shopping refunds in 50 countries, an industry first. 

Traditionally, tourists shopping abroad have been lured with tax-free shopping benefits, but they are still not being given a good deal. They take home only around half of the available refund, with the other half going to refund operators in fees and costs. Starting in September, utu will begin delivering its reimagination of the travel shopping experience, giving shoppers what they have been waiting for - more choice and value, starting with higher refunds.

Tourists worldwide will be able to download the utu app and get any refund upsized when shopping in any of the 50 tax-free shopping countries, including France, Italy, Germany and the UAE.  

“Our number one priority at utu is to give tax free shoppers the best value. VAT refunds should be a reward for shoppers, and tax-free shopping should be a system that delights and encourages further positive shopping experiences,” said Ameer Jumabhoy, co-founder of utu.

Be one of the first 10,000 people that sign up for the utu waitlist to be awarded an extra 15% cash bonus on your first tax refund. 

Sign up to the waitlist here now: https://www.utu.global/  

utu is a travel tech company transforming the world of travel by empowering global shoppers with rewards and higher VAT refunds when shopping abroad. Far more than just digitizing the process, utu re-engineers the broken tax refund industry, putting the customer first. By bridging the worlds of refunds and rewards, utu unlocks new value from the tourism ecosystem, allowing it to upsize refunds across 50 countries. No one else is able to provide travelers with more value. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, utu has offices in France, Italy, Thailand, South Korea and India.