Mystic Clothing Invests in SkuVault to Capitalize on Booming Amazon FBA Growth

March 18, 2021

Florida-based Mystic Clothing has implemented a new inventory management system to help them keep pace with their rapid growth. An Alexander Del Rossa company, Mystic’s dedicated team fulfilled over 160,000 FBA orders in December despite limited space and staff. With SkuVault, Mystic will delight more customers faster and find new ways to maximize a warehouse they’re rapidly outgrowing.  

Fresh off a record-breaking holiday season, Mystic has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. In December of 2020 alone, the Mystic team fulfilled 167,000 FBA orders. With limited warehouse space and order volume that was outpacing their manual fulfillment process, warehouse manager Steve MacCloskey needed a solution quickly.

“We considered a few options in our search for a better way to manage our inventory. Ultimately, we wanted a solution that helped us meet growing demand without significantly growing our staff or warehouse,” said Steve MacCloskey, Mystic’s warehouse manager. “We’re committed to fulfilling every order correctly, on time, every time. SkuVault fit the bill for us.”

SkuVault inventory management software solves the most difficult challenge in eCommerce fulfillment: managing and tracking inventory at scale. Over 1,000 of America’s best retailers trust SkuVault to provide what every buyer expects: orders picked, packed, and delivered without error, every time.

Mystic Clothing’s commitment to excellence has naturally led to new demand and booming business. With SkuVault, MacCloskey and the team will ensure their best-sellers remain in stock, every order is fulfilled, and their happy customers stay happy. Most importantly, they’re able to grow without a commensurate increase in labor or space. “We’ve got confidence that the SkuVault team knows how to help us grow most effectively,” said MacCloskey. “In our business, keeping customers happy means everything. We’ve got the right team and software to help us do that.”  

Consumers can shop Mystic Clothing by name or under the Alexander Del Rossa parent company, also available on Amazon.