Cash2Card, Self-Order, Touchless, Interactive Digital & "Immersive" Technology at NRF 2021 and Kiosk Association

Posted Jan 12, 2021

Visit NRF 2021 Chapter 1 and meet with Kiosk Association. Dates are January 12, 13, 14, 19, 21 and 22 beginning this week.  Our online page is

Our portal page with helpful links, research, predictions, brochures and videos for NRF 2021 Chapter One is available here:

If interested in attending the cost for retailers is $195. The Kiosk Association has a limited number of free Expo passes that are available. Contact Craig or one of our Gold Sponsors or members.

The Kiosk Association (KMA) is a global organization focused on improving self-service for customers and employees thru kiosks & digital signage. Our mission is to inform and educate. We provide:


Retail kiosk solutions Cash2Card

Self-order stations (McDonalds e.g.)

Outdoor solutions for customer order including menuboards for drive-thru

Digital signage & wayfinding

Bill Payment & Financial Kiosks

Ticketing Kiosks

Employee Health Screening Kiosks or Temperature Kiosks

Software including Contactless, Touchless Kiosk, and AI

Regulatory Guidance
We help establish & communicate best practice regulatory guidelines for ADA and PCI. We work with U.S. Access Board and are a Participating Organization of PCI SSC. Other regulatory issues are UL, HIPAA, & DOT.

The February 2021 research report (130 pages) is being released this month. Contact us at NRF2021 for report in its entirety.  Excerpt:  The U.S market for self-service kiosks was valued at $2.6 billion in 2019.

Questions – Contact Craig Keefner | [email protected] | 720.324.1837 m (text or call)

Gold Sponsors:  Olea Kiosks, Inc., KioWare, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., Nanonation, Pyramid, KIOSK Information Systems, KioskGroup, Vispero, Zebra, AUO Displays, 22 Miles & Honeywell.

About Kiosk Manufacturer Association:

Based in Westminster, Colorado, the Kiosk Association or KMA has served the unattended self-service kiosk market since 1995. The Kiosk Association leads the effort to optimize self-service engagements and outcomes using technology such as kiosks, digital signage and displays, service, monitoring, and touchscreens.

Regulatory issues PCI Compliance and EMV are the primary regulatory focus for the KMA along with ADA Accessibility. KMA is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC. For ADA, the KMA meets annually with U.S. Access Board on accessibility standards for unattended. Additional market coverage includes digital signage, interactive digital, Point-of-Sale, Smart City, vending and robotics. See us on LinkedIn. KMA is available on and