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Omnisend Q3 Report: Marketing Automation Gives DTC Brands An Edge This Holiday Season

Nov 05, 2020

Omnisend Q3 Report: Marketing Automation Gives DTC Brands An Edge This Holiday Season

Ecommerce businesses are adopting marketing automation on email, SMS, and web push message at a rapid pace to maximize revenue and get holiday-ready

AUSTIN, TX - Omnisend, the email and SMS marketing automation platform built for ecommerce businesses, has published its quarterly report, Email, SMS, and Push Marketing Stats & Trends Rep (Q3 2020). The report shares revenue-driving advice and benchmark data for ecommerce businesses to increase consumer trust across marketing channels throughout the holidays and beyond.

The Omnisend report discovers that automated messages drove nearly 32% of the email marketing conversions in Q3 2020 while accounting for less than 2% of the email sends.

“The performance uptick in automated messages tells us that if an ecommerce brand wants to increase sales, they need to use email, SMS, and web push notifications in their marketing automation,” said Rytis Lauris, CEO and Co-founder of Omnisend. “Online brands that lean on automated messages at key stages of the shopping journey, such as with cart and browse abandonment messages, will win big this holiday season and carry momentum into 2021.”

Four key takeaways for ecommerce brands:

- Sending promotional email campaigns must be on every marketer’s holiday checklist as the conversion rate was 7.66% for Q3, a 168.9% year-over-year lift.

- Prioritize automated email messages that convert shoppers—welcome campaigns converted at 52%, cart abandonment at 42%, and browse abandonment at 25% in Q3.

- Create repeat buyers by mastering post-purchase emails whose open rates surged to 38.23%, an increase of 13.65% compared to Q2.

- Add SMS to an email strategy to maximize sales in Q4 and beyond—SMS conversion rate increased 98% over Q2.

“The use of SMS and push messages by marketers will increase this holiday season as a growing number of consumers see them as trusted ways to engage with brands,” added Lauris. “Ecommerce businesses must embrace SMS now or risk falling behind.”

About Omnisend’s Email, SMS, and Push Marketing Stats & Trends Rep (Q3 2020)
The report analyzed three billion emails and nine million SMS and push messages sent by 50,000 global merchants from Omnisend’s platform. Third-quarter data included sends, views, clicks, and conversions from July 1st through September 30th for both 2019 and 2020.

To read the full report, click here.

About Omnisend
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