Jade is here to support you: The solutions you need to get your business back trading efficiently

June 09, 2020

With the re-opening of businesses also comes the conversation surrounding how you can ensure that your business can go back trading safely and efficiently. Whether you are looking for a way to implement social distancing without the high- cost implications or ensure the wellness of those on your premises, you can be assured that Jade has a solution that adheres to the recent COVID-19 measures, whilst also helping your business run smoothly.

As well as implementing safety measures for your customers, it is also essential that you consider the overall customer experience to guarantee that those who visit your store leave feeling satisfied. This includes providing an efficient way to shop whilst reducing any customer anxiety that may be prominent.

Social Distancing

Customers and employees alike are going to be considering how businesses implement social distancing. As a business, you may be cautious about this affecting your business performance. However, Jade offers solutions which can alleviate these questions at the same time as keeping those on your premises safe. As a partner of QMatic, Jade can offer their queuing system which can monitor queue progress remotely reducing social contact - therefore, allowing for less door-manning time as well as being cost-effective.

Alongside this, Jade offers an unrivalled camera tech system which maximises both customer and employee flow. With many business employees returning to work, your staff must have the right technology in place to adhere to the recent guidelines and to ensure that their safety comes first. Jade understands that it can be challenging for your business to monitor how many people enter your store, or alternatively how many of your employees are working in a specified area. With EveryAngle’s Camera Tech, you can stagger on-site hours meaning that your volume of customers and employees can be monitored effectively – whether that’s in a confined working space, or on a construction site.

From maintaining social distancing guidelines to keeping on top with the cleaning and sanitization of your environment – it can be difficult to take all of this into account whilst dedicating your time to analysing the performance of your business. This is where Jade’s Occupancy Now solution comes in – by assisting with optimizing staffing costs and maintaining social distancing. Providing customer assurance and real-time crowd management, you can count on this handy system to get your business back on track, efficiently.

Monitoring the health of those on-site

Jade understands that managing the health of your team and your customers can be challenging. In every business sector, it is important to monitor the temperature of your customers and employees alike to keep their health and well-being at the centre of everything you do. From monitoring the temperature of customers in stores throughout the retail and healthcare sectors, to looking after your employees in building and construction jobs, Jade provides an effective human body temperature system that can ensure that the health of those within your business is being monitored to keep your working environment safe.

Reducing face-to-face contact

Recently, a growing number of businesses and their customers are now looking at ways to reduce human contact as much as possible to ensure a safer environment. With Flow-Thru, customers can easily collect their order with minimal contact – guaranteeing the wellbeing of your customers and employees. Its two side mobile ordering system makes social distancing queues a thing of the past, meaning that your business can keep up with customer demand at the same time as delivering fantastic customer service. The perfect solution to maximising your business.

In environments where customer and employee face-to-face contact is imminent, measures can be put into place to ensure that this is done safely without affecting your business. Whether your business is healthcare or retail-based, you must put measures in place to keep your employees and customers at ease. The use of an acrylic guardiant is a key solution implemented by many stores. This guardiant creates a safe barrier between your employee behind the till, and the customer paying – ultimately reducing the spread of germs. Make safety your priority.

The future of your business

Jade Solutions are proud to be providing support throughout the phased re-opening of businesses. As many businesses face the uncertainty of how COVID-19 may affect them, it is important to emphasise that there is a range of solutions out there that can get you back on track. Alongside the COVID-19 compliant systems above, solutions such as CROWD WI-FI can help to understand your customers and lead to an increase in sales keeping you ahead of the competition.

By making sure the right tools are in place to prioritise the safety of your employees and customers, you can concentrate on the important factors of your business while letting the most up to date technology do the rest for you. See what Jade Solutions can do for your business by enquiring now.