Basketful launches the Basketful Grocery List Mobile Application

Posted Apr 15, 2020

Basketful, a Minneapolis technology firm simplifying grocery shopping, powers add to cart solutions to connect digital grocery content to carts for brands, publishers, and consumers.  Powering this is their network of more than 50 US retailer integrations, visibility to 10,000+ stores, and knowledge of 150 million product and store combinations.  

Basketful is announcing the expansion of their capabilities to the full basket with the launch of the Basketful Grocery List Mobile App -- the world’s smartest grocery list.  This consumer facing app allows US shoppers to create, share, and shop their grocery lists from their smartphone. With access to 50+ US retailers covering 95% of US households, consumers can shop their lists in-store or send their lists to their local retailer with pickup and delivery options.  

66% of consumers still leverage paper or whiteboards for managing their households’ weekly grocery needs.  In addition, 87% of consumers shop multiple grocery stores over the course of a month. The Basketful Grocery List allows simpler shopping, the ability to manage lists across multiple stores, seamless list sharing, and the flexibility to shop their lists in-store or on-line with visibility to local inventory and pricing.

“Grocery shopping is a routine, yet cumbersome activity” says COO Jim Lesch, “and we believe providing shoppers with more convenience and personalization can dramatically simplify the experience”.  Basketful's unique understanding of the grocery network and store distribution removes the complexity from the grocery shopping experience, allowing consumers to more quickly turn food inspiration into reality.  "Our mission is to simplify grocery shopping" says CEO Eugene Burd, "and allowing consumers to save time and money while making the experience as easy as possible".  

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