Zentail's Launches Inventory Planning Tools to Help Online Sellers Drastically Cut Costs

Posted Mar 18, 2020

Columbia, Md., March 12, 2020 Zentail, an ecommerce operations platform that supports scalable growth, announced that it has launched a new suite of inventory planning tools to help online sellers get the most out of their working capital, time and resources. This rounds out its full-service offering for automating listing, pricing and other key operational functions.

Zentail’s new inventory planning suite includes automatic inventory syncs, AI-driven demand forecasting tools and purchase order (PO) creation. The suite is uniquely designed to let sellers plan and purchase inventory in real time, not just within a 30-day cycle. By centralizing a seller’s data and workflows, Zentail replaces manual calculations to ease and expedite the speed of purchasing. 

“While 30 days is a standard timeframe for forecasting and purchasing, it doesn't mean that that's the optimal timing for every company. In fact, most sellers are shooting themselves in the foot by arbitrarily analyzing data once a month and just forecasting inventory for the next 30 days,” says CEO Daniel Sugarman. “Ecommerce moves way too fast for that. Sellers lose tens of thousands of dollars each year from unexpected markdowns or holding costs, and from wasting capital that they could have spent on products that actually bring in revenue.” 

Zentail’s inventory planning suite, which includes AI-powered demand forecasting, lets sellers be flexible with their reorder timing. They can receive purchasing recommendations in real time, since the platform is constantly crunching sales data, lead times, holding cost, stockout costs and more for each of their listings. After reviewing the recommendations, they can decide when to take action and reorder stock on a dynamic schedule.

“Holding costs normally account for 30% or more of a seller’s working capital—which translates to millions of dollars wasted on inventory,” says Sugarman. “Our goal is to increase a company’s profits by helping them make data-driven decisions and work more efficiently than ever before.”

Zentail also calculates reorder quantities for the seller, reducing their margin of error. Sellers can then create POs directly within Zentail, using templates that allow them to add or remove items in a few simple clicks. The platform will auto-populate unit costs, SKU numbers and other seller-submitted data to accelerate creation time even further.

The final piece of Zentail’s planning suite involves inventory shipments of merchant-fulfilled and FBA products. Inventory shipments refer to the stock that is being transferred (or is scheduled to be transferred) to a seller’s warehouse. Once a PO is accepted by a vendor, Zentail will automatically generate a shipment and communicate its status to the applicable channel. This ensures that inventory remains up to date, and that forecasts remain accurate. For Amazon sellers, this feature is especially critical for communicating future stock to Amazon, so they can continue accepting orders, set the right shipping expectations and guard their seller scores. 

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About Zentail 

Zentail is an ecommerce operations platform that helps online sellers stay in tight control of their business, no matter how fast they grow or where they sell. Founded in 2011, it’s one of the only platforms where sellers can buy and sell products in one place. Today, it’s trusted by Top 100 Amazon sellers and dubbed the #1 Multichannel Platform for U.S. Marketplaces by WebRetailer.