Trendalytics Releases Series of Reports Identifying the Retail Industry’s Top Five Macro Trends

March 13, 2020

Trendalytics, a product intelligence engine delivering data-backed solutions for the retail industry, today announced the release of a series of new reports identifying the top five macro trends affecting the retail industry. Leveraging the company’s thought leadership and up-to-date information on new trends and consumer behaviors, the reports outline the overarching themes that will have the largest impact on the retail industry in 2020.

The reports from Trendalytics reflect cultural shifts identified by the company’s team of trend experts, providing insights that address how these shifts will impact the fashion and beauty industries. The five macro trends identified by Trendalytics are Conscious Consumption, Revivalism, Gen You, Creativity 2.0, and Living Well. Over the course of 2020, Trendalytics will continue to develop and update their trend prediction tools, incorporating insights from these reports as well as additional reports to come, to help retailers best predict and interpret a trend’s trajectory.

“The five macro trends which we have identified so far will shape customer behavior this year and going forward,” said Kathy Leake, CEO of Trendalytics. “Our team is committed to empowering retailers with the most current and insightful information on what is driving consumer behavior and the trends framing the industry. We will continue to track these drivers carefully to ensure that our platform is as up-to-date and effective as possible.”

The five macro trends highlighted in the reports reflect a retail industry which is becoming more socially conscious and committed to individual expression. Conscious Consumption and Revivalism highlight the marketplace’s desire for sustainable solutions, both in terms of product consumption and lifestyle. Gen You, Creativity 2.0, and Living Well demonstrate the growing importance of personalization, as consumers seek individual connections and means of self-expression. Trendalytics’ commitment to updating and refining its trend reports and forecasts allows retailers to stay on top of the most important themes influencing their industry.


About Trendalytics

Trendalytics is a product intelligence engine that decodes and enriches retail industry data to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. As your personal data scientist, Trendalytics’ proprietary machine learning and image recognition technology superpowers clients with a 360° lens on consumer demand and market supply inflection points by classifying and translating data across social influencer buzz, online product searches, consumer shopping patterns, and SKU data into actionable merchandise insights. Our clients have increased sales, conversions, margins, and brand discoverability by incorporating Trendalytics insights into their workflows.