Posted Mar 13, 2020

BALTIMORE, MD (March 13, 2020) HEX Performance®, the first and only cleaning solution designed to clean and protect activewear and synthetic-based materials, is breaking the laundry cycle with its revolutionary regimen of breakthrough laundry products. A true innovation in the otherwise stagnant laundry category, HEX Performance products are made specifically with activewear in mind, and will revive and protect synthetic fabrics from odors, stain-reabsorption and other damage – like pilling, elasticity loss and reduced sweat-wickability.

HEX Performance is breaking the laundry wash cycle with a line of products made with propriety formulas that use real science to eliminate odors and protect fabrics, so they stay stronger, longer. The fabric care regimen uses a one-of-a-kind HEX Molecule, a small and smart synthetic-based molecule that digs deep into ultra-tight knitwear, to clean fabrics, stains and odor caused by bacteria. As it dries, the HEX Molecule creates an invisible, odorless shield to protect clothes from future odor and wear and tear. The HEX Performance regimen is the first and only full care regimen for activewear with products made to treat, wash, enhance and dry modern clothes.

Treat: Spot treat pesky stains and odor spots to help laundry come out feeling like new. The Deodorizing Spray works to eliminate odors and prevents future stink, and working double duty, the Stain & Stink Remover removes stains and the odors associated with them.

Wash: Pouring like fresh, clean water without any chemical thickeners, dyes, phosphates or perfumes, the Laundry Detergent is the only cleaning solution made to deeply clean activewear and protect fabrics from losing the “new clothes” feeling.  

Enhance: Go beyond softening to preserve stretch and sweat-wickability and eliminate odors with the Fabric Conditioner. The conditioner cleans up activewear so it can be worn everywhere.

Dry: The first and only dryer sheet safe for activewear, Wet Dryer Sheets starts out wet to bond fabrics, giving clothes softening, anti-static and protective benefits without clogging fabrics.

“With HEX Performance, we provide a much-needed solution for modern consumers’ needs for a laundry line that actually cleans and protects the high-tech materials that make up the base of our activewear,” said Drew Westervelt, Founder of HEX Performance. “Our regimen is rooted in science and it’s truly a proactive approach to fabric care.”

The Deodorizing Spray is available in 12 oz bottles in scents Fresh & Clean and Fragrance Free with a retail price of $9.99. The Stain & Stink Remover is available in a 12 oz bottle for $6.99. The Laundry Detergent is available in 32 oz bottles for 32 loads in scents Fresh & Clean, Crisp Linen, Lavender Fields, Citrus Woods and Fragrance Free which retail for $9.99. The Fabric Conditioner is available in 32 oz bottles for 32 loads in Fresh & Clean and Fragrance Free with a retail price of $8.99. The Wet Dryer Sheets are available in 120 count packs in Fresh & Clean and Fragrance Free for $8.99. For more information on HEX Performance, please visit

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About HEX Performance

Founded by a former professional athlete, HEX Performance® is a premium portfolio of revolutionary modern cleaning solutions including laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, wet dryer sheets and sprays that have been designed specifically to clean and protect synthetic-based fabrics. HEX Performance leverages a unique technology to address changing consumer needs by preserving and protecting performance fabrics while effectively eliminating stink and removing stains. All of HEX Performance products are eco-friendly, skin-friendly and biodegradable.