Grateful Burger is Flipping the Retail Burger Space with New Products for 2020

Posted Mar 13, 2020


(Beverly, MA – March 12, 2020) – Grateful Burger, the first company to offer ‘blended burgers’ at retail, is ecstatic to announce four new products for 2020. In addition to its Original Grass-Fed Beef and Veggies Burger and Chicken and Veggies Burger, consumers can look forward to Grass-Fed Beef with Bacon & Cheddar with Veggies, Grass-fed Beef Meatballs with Veggies, and two Slider Kits featuring their Grass-Fed Beef with Bacon & Cheddar and Veggies and their Chicken with Veggies. Each Slider Kit contains six burgers and comes with matching buns making it the perfect item for children or even as appetizers.

“People are confused about what to eat. They deserve a brand they can trust and products that are satisfying, healthy and environmentally responsible.” Said Grateful Burger Founder Chris Nessen. “Our goal for 2020 is to offer exciting new products that customers will love and can feel good about for more than just health reasons,” said Nessen.

Grateful Burger is a dream come true for consumers who don’t want to give up their meat but are changing over to more plant-forward food choices. By blending the highest quality meats with assorted garden vegetables, Grateful Burger has created one-of-a-kind, chef-crafted blends resulting in more delicious, more nutritious and more sustainable burgers.

“Our products are currently in all Hannaford Markets and Roche Brothers,” Said Nessen. “We are grateful to have just landed a spot on Big Y shelves and are hopeful that many other retailers will follow suit.”

Grateful Burger stands apart from its competitors because they use the largest quantity and most variety of vegetables. For example, their Grass-Fed Beef with Veggies Burgers contains four vegetables totaling a ½ cup in EACH burger. More vegetables means more vitamins and nutrients to consumers plates, as well as, a drastic reduction of fats, cholesterol and calories because they are eating less meat. Most Grateful Burger products are also gluten and allergen free and lower in sodium making it a healthy choice for much of our population not just people with dietary needs.

“We're taking the industry by storm,” said Nessen. “We are constantly working on exciting new products to satisfy many demographics and lifestyles, and we look forward to the day when our blended Grateful Burger products are the consumer’s first choice in an industry riddled with confusion and unhealthy choices for both people and environment.”

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About Grateful Burger

Grateful Burger is an innovative food company that launched in 2015 and is based in Beverly, MA. Grateful Burger believes it’s okay to eat meat, just less of it. We are the SOLUTION for confused customers who are lost in a sea of information. Grateful Burgers are on trend and Chef-crafted using only real ingredients. We create unique recipes using the best ALL NATURAL* ingredients, including GRASS-FED and ANTIBIOTIC FREE CHICKEN and FRESH VEGETABLES. Our BLENDS are the best because it’s all we do. Choosing us means you care about BETTER HEALTH and a BETTER PLANET and we are grateful for that. TOGETHER, we will make a better tomorrow. Currently Grateful Burger’s product line consists of its Original Grass-Fed Beef Burgers Blended with Vegetables, Grass-Fed Beef Bacon & Cheddar Burgers Blended with Vegetables, Antibiotic Free Chicken Burgers Blended with Vegetables, Grass-Fed Beef Italian Meatballs Blended with Vegetables, and it’s landmark Slider Kits that come in both Grass-Fed Beef Bacon & Cheddar Burgers Blended with Vegetables and Antibiotic Free Chicken Burgers Blended with Vegetables. For more information visit