March 10, 2020

New Platform Enables Online Shoppers To Connect With In-Store Associates Via Live Shoppable Video

Dallas, TX – Immerss announced today the commercial launch of their live video commerce platform, which connects online shoppers with in-store sales associates.  The platform had been in development and beta testing prior to launching with luxury bootmaker Lucchese.

“Immerss helps direct-to-consumer brands like Lucchese improve their online customer engagement while simultaneously enabling their sales associates to sell beyond the walls of the physical store,” explains Immerss co-founder and CEO, Arthur Veytsman. “Adding a human element into an otherwise faceless online experience is powerful.  For both consumers and brands, Immerss is the next best thing to walking into the store.” 

Focused on humanizing eCommerce, Immerss customizes its proprietary iOS app for each brand and seamlessly integrates with key back-office platforms, including CRM and inventory systems.

“Think of it as a fully shoppable and trackable, branded FaceTime experience for online consumers.  Sales professionals have the ability to scan items, add to cart, and take the customer all the way through checkout during the video call,” remarked Veytsman.  “By providing online consumers an in-store experience, brands are able to now connect with their online shoppers in a more meaningful manner and ultimately convert sales at a higher rate with increased average cart values.”

Initial data and KPIs, including consumer usage, satisfaction, and sales conversions have all exceeded expectations for the platform.  With those affirmative metrics in place, Immerss is now focusing on integrating with ShopifyPlus brands.

“We look forward to working with other brands to enhance their digital experience, while also maximizing the productivity of their in-store sales associates,” stated Patrick Jacobs, Head of Business Development for Immerss.  “With consumers being more apt than ever to stay home and shop, Immerss enables brands to service their online customers in the most innovative and authentic way possible.”

For more information on Immerss visit Immerss.Live