Stackline Launches Intelligent Ad Manager

March 03, 2020

Advertising platform utilizes billions of retail analytics to inform product advertising decisions

SEATTLE  – March 3, 2020  – Stackline, a pioneering retail analytics and advertising provider for the world’s largest brands and manufacturers, today announced Ad Manager, an intelligent advertising automation tool that applies real-time bidding, competitive advertising, profitability, conversion, and incrementality data to develop and dynamically optimize high-performing e-commerce advertising. Unlike other advertising tools, Ad Manager utilizes market and product landscape data, as well as Stackline analytics and profitability metrics. 

“Advertising should be data-driven, optimized and intelligent. With Ad Manager, we’re providing an unprecedented look and access into a market that’s moving billions of dollars,” said Michael Lagoni, CEO of Stackline. “Ad Manager is another step in our commitment to being the e-commerce growth engine needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.” 

eMarketer reports that by 2023, digital will account for 66 percent of total media spend. But traditionally a manual process, or one that only could access a small pool of industry data, e-commerce advertising can be a time consuming task without a clear ROI. With Stackline, advertisers are now able to set parameters, like budget, goals and dates and Ad Manager does the rest. Further, prior to even submitting a new advertising campaign, Ad Manager will show a forecast of the projected financial performance, giving brands unprecedented transparency into their marketing investments. 

Ad Manager is for e-commerce brands who want to:

Grow brand awareness and reach new customers
Easily set brand goals and view budget projections and full-funnel metrics
Dynamically target shoppers and competitors to maximize results 
Receive automated insights and recommendations catered to boosting profitability
Utilize machine learning to adjust bids in real-time and dynamically shift budgets

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Founded by industry veterans, Stackline is a retail intelligence and software company that helps more than 2,000 of the world’s most dynamic brands manage and grow their e-commerce businesses. Proprietary algorithms collect and analyze sales, advertising, content, and marketing metrics to provide clients unmatched visibility into their online retail channels, and teams of experts build and execute tailored strategies to accelerate growth. 

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