New and Robust Data Visualization Framework from Aspectum: Making GIS More Friendly Than Ever

Posted Oct 16, 2019

Aspectum, a cloud-based solution for location data visualization and analysis, has officially launched its platform for public use, announcing a new map-based visualization environment that allows retail networks to expand more methodically and calculate the best optimal locations by using data. It does so by introducing a new and innovative map constructor as well as simplified data upload and on-platform edit.

Aspectum can be used in any part of the world. As for data availability, you don’t have to accumulate complex customer datasets. The official national statistics of any region suffice to create informative visualizations that make for educated and well-supervised decision-making. All data is open-source and easy to integrate.

Among multiple cases created in Aspectum you can see the map of Walmart store locations operating in the US, on top of the colored layer that shows the income levels categorized by state.

Despite starting way back in 2010, RetailPocalypse is still a thing with over 12,000 store locations shut down over the past 9 years after chaotic expansion and specific cases such as Forever 21. This is why data-driven growth is so important nowadays.

“Our goal is to empower businesses with the right instrument to make better judgements that streamline decision-making.” — says  Alexander Kryukov, CEO Aspectum — “By including geo-based factors such as spatial analysis that is often overlooked you can now have better control over the future growth of your company. Geo-based data allows to save the dedicated resources aimed at expansion, allocating them drive new leads and addressing the customer demands.”

The key benefits of Aspectum are:

- Easy SQL interface for analytics;

- Fast data processing of large volumes of data;

- User-friendly UI that caters both to data-SMEs and business experts;

- Easy sharing of maps;

- Ability to display dataset on an uploaded WMS layer;

- On-platform edits of uploaded datasets;

- Scheduled automatic reupload and refresh of online maps;

- Many types of geospatial analysis as well as automatic sequences recreating the workflow of a GIS-specialist;

- 24/7 support to guide new users through each feature;

- Mobile version.

Aspectum is a California-based company focusing on digital solutions for better data visualization and geographic information systems. It actively collaborates with industry leaders in retail, real estate, smart city in the US and Europe to create improved mapping experiences that make data accessible for a wide circle of business experts.