Anatta’s Unique Business Model Makes Social Impact

Posted Jul 16, 2019

NEW YORK, N.Y. –  Anatta, Inc., a global online marketplace for natural, organic and raw products from farmers worldwide, has developed a new and unique business model that strives to make a social impact while also delivering high-quality products.

            The company began operations in early 2019 and allows customers to communicate directly with farmers that grow the plants used in its products. Anatta pays farmers upwards of 50 percent more than competitors, and assists in delivering social and medical services to help build strong communities and improve life quality for its suppliers.

             “The broker-to-broker supply chain meant most of the future of farmers was outside of their hands,’’ said Thomerson, Anatta’s Chief Executive Officer. He co-founded the company along with Victoria Dantcheva and Oscar Bueno. “Consumers purchase and farmers produce in small quantities, so it’s of no value to the end customer or the farmer to send the product to different facilities and brokers.”

            Anatta streamlines the process, allowing customers a direct link to farmers. “It allows customers to access pure quality at an affordable price while compensating the farmer tremendously more than in a broker market,’’ Thomerson said.

            Thomerson said the idea for a new business model developed from years of experience working with farmers and producers. “I felt this complicated supply chain made it difficult for businesses and customers to get the quality they were trying to purchase,’’ he said.

             Anatta’s products are grown on farms in Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Somaliland, Rwanda and Tasmania. More farms are being explored as potential partners, including some in the United States. One of the company’s main goals is to help farmers with their farming techniques to ensure crops are grown under ecologically sustainable, environmentally responsible and conflict-free conditions.

The process incorporates quality analysis, including an independent third-party evaluation. “Customers will always have two opinions that pass on the quality of any given lot,’’ Thomerson said. “Once a lot has been purchased, the customer has access to all of the documentation from their dashboard. We make sure to include a professional’s comment on each lot so that the results are easy to understand and give clarification on the quality.”

The New York-based business contributes an amount from every purchase to partnership farmers to support their livelihoods and the means to maintain their lands with dignity and respect for the environment.

“Anatta is a business driven by the desire to make positive change around the world,” Dantcheva said. “Our goal is to create a direct connection between consumers and the people who produce the goods in order to foster a better understanding of these men and women, and their communities, so the world can successfully grow together in more ways than one.”

Initial products include a variety of essential oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Fennel and Lemon Ironbark as well as Rose and Lavender waters. Spices and teas are expected to become available later this year.

Thomerson worked as the sourcing manager for one of the biggest multi-level marketing essential oil companies in the United States, sourcing over 100 oils from around the world and meeting with numerous hardworking women and men who earn their living by producing essential oils.

Dantcheva, Anatta’s Chief Operating Officer, developed roots in the essential oil industry through her family’s work in her native Bulgaria. After relocating to the United States to earn degrees in business and marketing, she headed sales for Triglav-Edelvais, one of the major producers of Bulgarian essential oils. Dantcheva, and Thomerson as COO, launched the company’s U.S. wholesale distribution arm in 2017.

Bueno, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Anatta, has built his career spearheading high-value technology initiatives for world-leading media companies including Conde Nast’s marketing arm, Scholastic, and Toca Boca. He brings his expertise of cutting edge data and platform technologies, as well as his experience in running successful startups to build out Anatta’s strategy and platform.

“Technology has made the world smaller and data abundant. We’re at a time when you can talk to anyone around the world with a touch of a button,’’ Bueno said. “With carrier, shipping, and distribution information largely digitized, there’s no reason we can’t be transparent and connect you to the people who are producing the products that you love.”

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Anatta is a new global marketplace challenging traditional business platforms by providing affordable pure and raw products directly from farmers worldwide to customers.  Company founders Joshua Thomerson, Victoria Dantcheva and Oscar Bueno chose the word “Anatta” as a very loose interpretation of an ancient Pali word that refers to the impermanence and constantly changing state of humanity to serve as an inspiration of respecting nature, while building the foundation of change for a better world. Learn more at