Opterus Introduces Retail Social Communications App “Holler”

January 14, 2019

Opterus Introduces Retail Social Communications App “Holler”

New social media app designed specifically for retail’s fast-paced, collaborative new world

Toronto – January 14, 2019 Opterus Inc., the leading global provider of cost-effective, web-based store communications and task management solutions, today announced the general availability of its new solution, Holler. A social application built specifically for the needs of retailers, Holler allows employees to have informal person-to-person and group-level chats, share pictures, comment and/or “like” company news feeds and make their own posts.

Additional features of the Holler app include:

Easy-to-use search feature that makes it easy to find other store associates within the company

Added data security for store employees who are sharing company information, compared to non-approved chat and sharing apps

Retailers are free to encourage in-depth, context aware threads and discussions on any mobile device

Today's digital workforce demand a less formal way to communicate using mobile, doing everything from chats to photo sharing. Without a safe, company-endorsed social media app, they will do it themselves by using one of the many public and unsecure apps that are available today. This means a potential security risk for company information to get out on the public cloud, and to even be sent to people not associated with the company. With Holler, store associate data is not shared with third-party vendors.

“Adding the social collaboration aspect to Opterus was a natural progression,” said Rick Peters, chief product officer, Opterus Inc. “Opterus has taken its philosophy for simplicity, with no compromise to functionality, and has addressed the need for social communication within retail organizations.”

“One of the greatest challenges in large retail organizations is creating dynamic communication to and between our frontline employees. It isn’t enough to simply push information down,” said Jeremy Arnold, senior director, communications and operations, North America Ralph Lauren, Polo, and RRL Stores. “In today’s rapidly changing world, we must create opportunities for sharing, connection, and learning at all levels and in real-time.”

“This new solution is truly an opportunity for progressive retailers and something that resonates with the younger workforce who grew up on social media,” said Janet Hawkins, president and CEO, Opterus Inc. “Most organizations recognize that employees are their single biggest asset. So why not take all the necessary steps to cultivate and expand the cooperative spirit that already exists within your brand.”

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About Opterus Inc.

Opterus Inc. is a leading global provider of a cost-effective, easy-to-implement store information and execution management solution that increases productivity and improves retail enterprise communications. Opterus Store Ops-Center software is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to communicate corporate policy and day-to-day objectives between corporate office and store locations. Deployed in over 45 countries in 30 different languages, the solution is specifically designed for retail operations, and provides store personnel with clear, concise and timely direction, along with the proper tools to best do their jobs to support corporate initiatives. Opterus is based in Toronto, Ontario and was founded in 2006 by a group of seasoned retail industry technology veterans.  For additional information about Opterus, please visit http://www.opterus.com.

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