Globber and Red Ant Asia partner to build interactive ecommerce site for global markets (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific)

Posted Aug 28, 2018

International scooter brand Globber has teamed up with retail technology specialist Red Ant Asia to develop a visual-led interactive site for 16 markets across Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe.

Built using PrestaShop’s flexible and customisable ecommerce platform, the site offers users an engaging and immersive experience. Fully optimised for mobile, it has a number of unique features designed to make buying a scooter and related products simple yet satisfying:

- Interactive quiz gives a more straightforward and personalised shopping experience, linking directly to product detail  pages 

- Interactive product comparison:

  Key selling points for each item in a family of products

  Ability to zoom in to specific product features

  Visual, intuitive way to explain differences between products in the same family

- Recommendations for users, with links to similar products in product detail pages 

- Well-designed product spec comparison page with a product drop-down list to easily compare features across 2-3 products, reducing product queries by 95%

- Built-in scooter spare parts form for a modernized and straightforward approach to ordering new parts

- Integrated into WordPress which allows related blog posts to appear in product detail pages, helping to boost user engagement and SEO

Providing a single platform for Globber’s global team as well as local distributors, the new site supports its mixed market sales strategy and international reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.

Emma Cox, Globber’s Brand Manager, said: ‘The team at Red Ant Asia are not only experts in building great ecommerce experiences, they also know the markets we want to target inside out. Couple this with their innovative outlook and skills in the latest tech and engagement techniques, and it’s an ideal partnership.’

Elisa Harca, Red Ant Asia’s Regional Director and Co-founder, said: ‘Globber is a brand with customer experience at its heart, from finding out all about its scooters and accessories to giving users a sense of freedom and escape. We worked with them to deliver a site which embodies the Globber spirit – personal and engaging yet simple and intuitive.’