Moltin Introduces Social Commerce Application for Instagram

API-based affiliate application allows influencers to create microsites on the fly and makes user-generated content shoppable

BOSTON – May 15, 2018Moltin, the provider of an API-first digital commerce platform that powers retail innovation, today announced the Dynamic Influencer Program, a new social commerce affiliate application that allows retailers to engage brand advocates to promote and sell products on Instagram and other social platforms. The fully customizable application enables influencers to create brand-specific microsites on the fly and instantly turn user-generated content (UGC) into shoppable posts that can be shared with their social networks.

Increasingly, shoppers look to friends and fellow consumers to inform and influence their purchasing decisions. According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 U.S. shoppers, 90 percent of respondents said UGC had some influence over their online purchases and 53 percent rated it “extremely influential” or “very influential.”

Moltin empowers retailers to maximize the potential of UGC by creating a direct path to purchase. It provides a fast, simple way to make user-generated content shoppable and drive tangible revenue through social channels. Results are measurable, as retailers can see exactly what content and which influencers are generating orders. It is ideal for lifestyle retailers and brands that have a highly engaged and loyal customer base.

The Dynamic Influencer Program is a progressive web application optimized for mobile devices. Built using Moltin’s APIs and microservices components, the technology is very flexible and can easily plug into existing commerce platforms and infrastructure. Leveraging the APIs, retailers can further develop and customize the application to their unique needs and environment, as well as extend commerce to other channels and devices.

“Using Moltin’s APIs and Dynamic Influencer Program application, retailers can now engage brand advocates to not only share photos and information about their favorite products, but to extend the experience all the way to purchase. So now, when friends and followers see a product they love, they can immediately buy it. This creates a seamless experience for the consumer and a new revenue stream for the retailer,” said Jamus Driscoll, CEO of Moltin.

Key features of the Dynamic Influencer Application include:

Upon opting into the Program, influencers can automatically generate microsites on-the-fly, with no waiting or long approval processes

The influencer’s social media feed is automatically loaded in the site and they can select which posts to include via simple menu commands

Retailers maintain complete control over the branding of the microsites

Product content is managed from a single dashboard — with catalog and product updates automatically synchronized across all influencer microsites

Retailers receive detailed, real-time reports of all transactions, including what content and which influencers are generating orders

About Moltin

Moltin is an API-first digital commerce platform that enables retailers and brands to embed commerce into any channel, device or experience. Also known as “headless commerce,” Moltin’s APIs connect all the components of a commerce system and enable retailers to deliver holistic experiences to consumers wherever they interact with the brand, including interactive digital displays, social media, smart televisions, video games and any other web-enabled touchpoint. Moltin combines an extremely flexible set of APIs, developer toolkits and pre-built applications that make commerce development fast and easy, enabling retailers to pursue an innovation agenda with speed and confidence. Learn more at